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There are hundreds of voice talents willing to share their ideas and help you with your marketing strategy or questions. All you have to do is ask.

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  • Workin' it brother! Just workin' it!!! How's that boy?
  • Thanks for the Vid link Dan, also thanks for being LinkedIn with me, how's tricks?
  • excellent...I hope to get going on this this week, waiting for pro tools to arrive to get the microphone goin...thanks again!
  • Yeah, I think starting out with a phone call may be a little too intrusive anymore.
  • wow, this is amazing...thank sending demos without a phone call is the way to go here?
  • Wow Dan, that is golden! While I'm sure Scott appreciates the link - so do all us lurkers, er, rather learners :-)
  • Scott: You need this list -

    A simple little note with a link to a demo and informaton on how to contact you, should open some doors for you.
  • Good evening I'm a newbie in this VO world...been coaching voice/acting for over ten years but only doing vo through my agent for about 2 years...gotten a lot of work and had 2 demos done by Don Miller, a local genius in KC...please check em out on my page and let me know if you think they're worthy! But now I want to get going on some marketing and such and it just seems overwhelming...postcards, agents, CD's, email blasts, voice123, real passion is to do video game's that for far-fetched? But I imagine my strength is commercials since I'm an actor and not a big voice guy...but where to start? A friend of mine suggested sending demos to agencies to start with...thoughts?
  • Yes if there is one
  • Do you mean a free site?
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