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  • Is there a site other than craigslist that has listings of vo auditions?
  • Aw shucks, now my cheeks are tuning red :-). The secret is all in the coffee - no decaf!!

    Thanks Dan.
  • Welcome Aboard, Doug de Nance!

    Hey everybody, check out his demo!

    Who knew they grew big boy voices in Canada!!!

  • Wow, what a wealth of tips, ideas and a bit of humor to spice up the read. Thanks you all.

    The most recent idea I’ve used to find work, is to take a course. While I’ve been at this for 30 years, most of my gigs have been from "wandering around” (meeting people, one thing leads to another and I get called to do some voice work). Anyway, this year I decided that I would try and be a bit more professional and actually dedicate myself to the VO biz. So I took a weekend workshop from one of the best – an excellent coach who I worked with in animation – Deb Munro. Well, one of the students was a sound engineer at a local studio. They were looking for an “aggressive sounding” voice (I guess it goes with the turf as a monster truck announcer – another story altogether). He set up the audition and I won the gig. Guess I’m still marketing by “wandering around”.

    For fun, you might want to check out my latest demo here on VOU – it has a bit of that “aggressive” monster truck sound 
  • Yeah I think AdWords can be useful if you have a big enough company, and enough time to devote to working out how the darn system works :)

    I've got enough good paying/quality work simply through someone doing a search !
  • That's pretty interesting Paul!.I have never used AdWords because quite frankly I can't afford it. The key word phrase or just plain keyword use on the home page of your site is what generates the high rank on Google Australia .
  • I tell you what's interesting about your comment Scott...

    One of my clients (whom we talk business freely between each other), has pointed out if you do a search for "voice over" on the Australian Google site with "pages from Australia" chosen, that mine is the first there ! That's good, I didn't even pay for it, and AdWords has been a bit fuzzy for me in the past.
  • I think that it is imperative that voice talent have their own domains ie: or something like mine SEO (search engine optimization) with the right key words and phrases and of course you're own marketing will get benefit you in the long run. The template sites that Dan linked to below are a great start. If you have some time on your hands, I recommend taking a class at your local community college in writing HTML with emphasis on CSS and PHP. If you know what these acronyms stand for, you already know more than you thought you did. I develop websites for myself and others and would gladly offer my services.

    I work for $35 an hour when developing and can usually have your site up and running in less than a week. If you're interested contact me. If not, I suggest you take the classes and then devote at least 2 hours of your daily routine either learning or developing your site.

    Great hosting can be found at GoDaddy, and I suggest a Linux hosting platform as it provides the best suitabilities for video/audio and other media that are accessed by browsers like Safari(I-Phone apps), Opera, and Firefox.
    I would love to see your sites when they are done, it helps me be a better web programmer and designer.
    All the Best
  • Lauren, you bring up a coupla great issues!

    Is a website necessary in this business?

    No doubt. It most certainly is! However, if you are listed with, you essentially have a webpage...and one that you can fill with lots of information and demos. Is it as good as having your own website? Probably not, but it's a great way to have a web presence. Especially since you're on a site that some potiential clients are already searching! Throw a few keywords into your copy and you may even get some search engine love.

    As far as getting one built, there are millions of templates out there to draw from! And if you know someone that can play around with the design, it's a pretty simple process to get a template adapted to your needs. Check out or or Also, a number of hosting sites have free templates as part of their package.

    Anybody else got some ideas?
  • Great Strategy Paul! Thanks for sharing! I NEED my own website desperately! I have the design and look for it, but getting the thing built is either really expensive or if you are counting on a trade of services not reliable. If anyone has any suggestions on an inexpensive way to go about getitng a website I am ALL EARS!

    I guess I am taking the opposite approach as I have been in the business for 9 years now and have always just marketed myself. I figured I could let some others do some legwork for me and put me in front of opportunities I otherwise might not get. I joined in April 2008 and in Jan 2009. I can tell you that these websites are relatively inexpensive and the majority of work I have gotten on a national level has been from people just finding me online. Actually I was just found by a company out of OH that is working for a distributor of Harley Davidson and I just got booked to do 15+ radio and tv commercial spots with them! Recorded my first one today:)

    For people looking to make a demo or to figure out which part of the industry they are best suited for I would recommend a workshop with David Goldberg at Edge Studio. Thats how I got my start. They can also help you make a great demo!
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