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  • Thanks for the compliments Dan, I really appreciate it. I do try to do my very best when producing imaging or my own commercial vo. And I do have a niche' (soft sell, guy next door yada yada) I just am now starting to market that niche' voice. But I do appreciated the insights here. It's opened my other eye.
  • Well said, James! And you're right, the branding part is critical!

    A great question to ask yourself is, "What are you known for?"
  • These are my three golden rules. They might not work for you but they've done me proud so far:


    Finding a niche market for your talents is the way forward. You need to establish your identity and quickly. Whether it's telephone systems or corporate narrations, commercials or audiobooks, you need to find a voice that suits the genre and be able to call on it at a moment's notice. A shotgun approach to everything and anything will yield exactly that - random and uncontrolled income streams. Once you've had a few years practice and you've started to master a genre - you can turn your hands to other genres and add to your portfolio but initially one should concentrate on becoming very good at one thing.


    Practice and good training is the key. This provides a solid foundation on which to build and structure a real career. Get a mentor who will tell you in no uncertain terms what they think. But not just someone down the street, ask someone that understands the industry and the marketplace.


    Create a brand name and logo for yourself - an identity that suits you and your sound. Aggressively pursue and market yourself to those projects in that genre - be that Ad agencies, casting directors, production houses, friends, local businesses, whatever is appropriate. It's true that 10% of your time is in the booth and the other 90% is spent finding work. BUT IT'S UP TO YOU. The phone will never ring unless you make people aware of who you are and what you can do.
  • Hi Frank!

    SEE!!! That's what I'm talkin' about. You imaging guys have some sort of attitude juju that I just don't have. Oh, I can sell a car or a sofa and loveseat combo, but I cannot for the life of me sell a radio station. But, good lord, give me a "soft sunset on a sandy beach"...
  • By the way...I was reading some of the posts here and your right, some people need to stick with the thing they are best at. I believe I am good at radio imaging. I think I have the voice for alterative rock and classic rock imaging, I've also done a country station too.

    The two things I have not done much of is animation characters and movie trailers. I've been told a few times I have the voice for movie trailers. But I know good an well it's not all about a great voice.

    Maybe this group will help me market myself. After all, one day I do want to switch from radio DJ to voice actor - full time. Someday...

    Go to my page and check out my demos. Let me know what you think.

  • Thanks for the invite dan. Looking forward to talking to everyone.

  • Hey Dan, thanks for the invitation. I'm there and looking forward to the group.
  • I've worked with Scott. He's got nice pipes. But in my opinion he's one of the best producers around. He has an ear for the whole sound. Any of y'all looking for someone to put your stuff together...get with him., if I could just teach him Spanish!
  • I too find it intriguing to say the least on imaging vo talent. I am in same boat with Dan (sans lifevest) in saying that my voice is just not suited for imaging (imo), but I think I'm a talented producer. I have found that the imaging voices today are still the same 3 guys and girls (ok that's sarcastic, but you get my drift). It's refreshing to hear voices such as Karens, Kates Janice and Angelas in the mix (you guys may not be in radio imaging but nonetheless its still refreshing to hear). That being said, I am seriously considering moving out of voice work and just into post production. I'll take their voices and make great commercials, imaging, whatever it takes to make it happen.
  • Wow, thanks for the complement Dan. Hopefully I can get a station soon and prove you right.
    Take Care and stay warm.
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