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  • Welcome to the group, Haneen!

    I have a quick question to clarify your example: When you recommend someone to one of the web/IVR companies, do you pave the way for them to that company with a phone call, email, etc? Sounds like you could be building quite a network! Good for you!!!
  • BTW, everybody...Chuck Drake is a jingle writer also if you ever need someone in that capacity.
  • I don't wanna hear about your stupid weather.

    It was 7 here this morning.
  • Hey Dan..Saying Howdy....Full week of work(Music gigs) with the Super Bowl weather is great 79 today!! Hope all is well Talk soon CHUCK
  • Lowell!

    I agree with James.

    "Luxurious and Distinct" is a greater commodity in a shrinking economy! Use those endorsements and client comments to sell yourself. Testimonials are always, always a benefit (assuming they're good ones!). Let your clients thoughts and comments sell you.

    On my VO website, one of my biggest pages is my client comments page. When I check my stats that comments page consistently ranks as one of the most active pages. Potential clients want to know what their peers think.

    Your client has given you a great gift! Take those comments and sell them!!!
  • Hey Lowell,

    I think it's fabulous to have those adjectives associated with your voice. Quality always sells. A luxurious and distinct voice will make any product sound great. This is not a time to re-invent yourself unless you feel some real inside need to do so. Stick to your guns and your pricepoint. Just because we're in a recession doesn't mean that all clients want their voiceovers to sound "cookie cutter" and poverty stricken.....

    Just my thoughts,

  • Dan (et. al),

    Here's a dilemma I'm dealing with right now.
    I'm working with a producer who defines my voice as "luxurious" and "distinct". It feels good to finally have a brand to hang my sound on after all these years, but how do you sell "luxury" in a shrinking economy?
    Do you stick with your vocal brand or somehow re-invent your sound?
  • Hey Lowell!

    Your story of connecting with someone just starting out in the business hit home!

    When I first started out in this biz, I decided that I would find 3 people in the ad industry that were just starting out also, and I would work a deal with them. I offered to do their ads at a cut rate to help them get started with the understanding that as their business grew my rates would go up.

    It worked! As those clients grew, so did my business!

    Now I make it a point every year to find a newcomer to the ad biz and offer the same deal. And I can tell you that over the course of the last 20 years I have developed some GREAT relationships with several clients!!!

    Thanks for the reminder that taking care of clients is our number one priority!!!
  • I'm bowled over by the simple elegance of Dan's plan. Think of what best serves the client and then present the idea to the client. They'll appreciate the lightbulb moment and likely reward you for it.
    Something simple I do is let everyone know that I do voice work (even when it wasn't my mainline of support). Often they're intrigued by it and you get wheels turning in their minds.
    I remember having the conversation with a woman fresh from college who scored a lower level job at a television station. Lo and behold she moved into public relations a few years later and then started her own firm.
    She then offered personalized voice services to her clients and she hired me for the bulk of the spots.
    That never would have happened if I spread the word everywhere I could.
  • Hey Dan...Great to talk with you Thurs...Much thanks for your insight..Look foward to keeping in touch...Hopefully I can throw some Tampa Spanish V/O work your way...Be well and safe...CHUCK
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