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  • James,

    You open up an interesting discussion.

    I am sometimes asked by other VO folk to check out their demo. One of the things that I am amazed at is the number of us trying to do something that we just aren't equipped to do!

    I had an interesting discussion today about this very thing with Karen Carson - a great voice, who is pursuing imaging work. She'll do great at that. She's got the pipes and the delivery for it. I, on the other hand, simply do not have that "whatever-it-is" to deliver the imaging style and attitude. I've tried it. I've worked it. I just don't have it.

    As I said, I'm amazed at the VO people that try to do something with their voice that they just don't have, but then go and put that on their demo, or try to market themselves to that demand. Your killing yourself by doing that! When the people that are considering you hear you do something you're not good at, it's bound to negatively impact their consideration of that other voice that you are so good at!

    Stick to your strengths. And as the other styles develop, introduce them slowly. In fact, what a great excuse for touching base with a previous client as well as prospects.
  • Niche Marketing -

    who are you?
    why are you any different to the person next to you?
    what makes you stand out?

    Answering these questions sets you up with future goals to attain - a plan of action for the year, if you like.

    For example, if you know that you're the friendly guy next door, conversational and easy going, then you can focus your business and your marketing on that very specific aspect. You can target those industries (in other words, those companies within) that you know are trying to appeal to the friendly neighbor next door - cleaning products vs banking for example.

    Targeting industries like this can be very effective and rewarding (in my opinion)

  • Hi Chuck!!! A pleasure to meet you and have you onboard!!! I will certainly email you, but I'm always available to my VO compatriots!!! Call me at 816-478-8774 or email me at
  • Hi Dan...Thanks for having me be on board your great group...Seems full of cool people and great ideas...I would love to talk to you if I could to get some feed back from you...If that would not be an inconvience would you e-mail me your # ,,,it would be much Thank you again very much....Chuck Drake
  • Sorry I deleated my Question by Mistake
    BUT thanks for the Answer
  • Sorry. I have no clue where that question is. And it doesn't even show up on the log.

    In any case, I'm glad you answered. Your suggestions and insight are quite astute and valuable, and I'm delighted to have you participating!!! Thank you so much for your time and effort!!!
  • No, I'm not. Joe specifically asked "Where can one find a list of casting directors?". That's the question that is now missing. To this question, I replied with "Buy the Ross Reports..." comment.

    But anyway, the message remains the same - research your clients on the internet (be they casting directors or producers or companies)
  • I think you are referring to Joe's question in the "Let's Get Started" Discussion??? See above.
  • and Joe's question?
  • Oh yeah, I did accidentally delete your comment from Jan 6!!! That was a brain fart!!!

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