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  • Hi
    This is GREAT! A group on MARKETING
    Thats the Part of Voice-over I need to work on
    Check out my Demos if you get a Chance
    Speaking of Marketing
  • Karen, thanks for the tip on Craigs list. I spend little time in the states these days, so although I've heard of it, I didn't know it was a worthwhile place to find work. I'm definitely going to check it out.
  • Sorry, about the size of that link though - although its a really cool video it is 42 MB.
  • Karen, Catherine's method is totally on the ball. Give your customers links to the pages where they can find your demos.

    You can even go one step further. Upload your files to the server where your website is, but don't link to them on your page...just give your clients the direct link.

    My website, looks totally empty, but I use it all the time to pass on work to my customers like this.

    If you need help with the technical side of setting up a system like this just post me.
  • Catherine to answer your question
    It's why I have a website with my demos on it. I just send them the link to my demos. It seems to work best when I send them the direct link and not to the homepage.
    Like this...
    That way I didn't make them work to hard. Also if they request a resume in the original post, I just let them know that I will send it if they are interested. I also want to know who they are. That way I'm not spreading my personal info all over the place to strangers I don't know. True you have to be careful on Craigslist. I usually go with my gut feeling and always answer ads. I don't post them. I kind of think it could make you look to desprite for money and may you an easy target to be messed with.
    Hope that helps.
  • Hi James!

    A little story: I have a client in Brazil that I've developed through the past year. I always tease them that Portugese is "bad Spanish". My client now tells his producer to "hire that guy that speaks bad Portugese."
  • I would say that there is a cultural difference between the US and Spain. But having said that, Spain also has it’s regions with their differences.

    The way business is carried out in one area can differ a lot from another. The Valencia region where I come from and live, many would say is a half way house… but at the end of the day, we can’t loose sight of the fact that we are conducting business.
  • Hey Dan, I think that's exactly it (at least for the US). But it's very easy to build a relationship (through good work and professional conduct) even if you keep your chit chat to a minimum. It's possible to have many business relationships all over the world without ever meeting the client and you're still the number one go to person on their list....
  • Hi Ruben!

    Just a quick question - out of curiosity. Is there a cultural difference between the "familiarity" thing between Spain and the U.S.? Just wondering. I've noticed that in most Spanish countries my clients are FAR more open and interested in building friendships.

    Now, here in the States I've noticed that it seems to follow regional lines. In the midwest and the south, clients for the most part are completely open to visiting and chit chat. They're sort of open in NY, and by the time you get to LA it's all business and very little time for interaction.

    Anybody else notice that...or something different?
  • I have a question for Karen about Craigslist opportunities. I have found that Craigslist email addresses only accept email attachments of less than 150 KB. That's not much! How do I send them a demo when my mp3 is almost 2 MB? Thanks for your help!
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