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  • Thank you very much for the suggestions! Great ideas! I'll give it a shot....
  • Hi Denise! And welcome aboard!

    Best at ya on the Post Card thing. Having been on the receiving end of Post Card campaigns as a PD and as a Ad Rep, I can tell you that the ones that got my attention were the ones where I discovered a bit of the personality of the sender.

    That came through various ways including something about the picture - usually the non-posed ones were the most interesting; commentary/testimonials from a client - "Thanks for the great session. It was exactly what we were looking for, AND I never laughed so hard in my life!" or "Geez! How long have we been working together now? And you still have the best voice...and the worst lasagna!".

    Also call to action lines can help. Something like "I'd love to see what I can do with your copy. Send me a sample script and I'll take a shot at it. I'll have it back to you within 24 hours." Maybe include that you'll do it for no charge.

    I'll be interested in hearing how it goes!
  • Hi Scott...great demo! I've always had luck with email marketing...and it's free :) It just takes a bit of work to find the right people to send your link to.
  • I've been trying to get on several different social platforms, LinkedIn, Facebook yada yada, I can't afford the pay to play sites so I am having to rely on word of mouth and some other networking tools. So far, not very promising..
  • Great group idea...I'm just starting my first big postcard marketing campaign. I'll let you know how it goes. Any tips for postcard campaigns?
  • Hey Everybody! Just thought this would be a good place to share ideas on how you market your biz. I know, I know, everyone has their little secrets...but how about sharing some of them?

    And yes, I'm perfectly willing to share some of my little marketing successes!

    Advertising/Marketing should ALWAYS be based on meeting needs. How can YOU meet the needs of a client? What do you have to offer that meets that client's needs?

    So...with that in mind, because of my bilingual edge, I spend a lot of time and energy marketing to clients that need a Bilingual or Spanish voice.

    For example, I have several auto advertisers. Periodically I will email them with the suggestion that they try reaching the Spanish speaking buyers in their market.

    Finding new customers for my clients gets them excited!!! I can actually generate about 30% more business by suggesting ways that my current clients can reach new customers!!!

    And all it takes is a simple email with that suggestion.

    What can you do to generate more customers for your clients? They need to know that!!!

    ...especially in this economic climate!!!

    What other suggestions do you have for marketing your business?
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