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  • Hello group. I'm new hear to the site. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I've been working in radio production for about 5 years now and have produced hundreds of commercials. But now i'm looking to do more voiceover work. Please take a listen to my demos and let me know what you guys think.

    Thanks in advance.

  • So great to discover this group and find familiar faces ( voices!). Looking forward to hearing what everybody's up to....
  • Hello Guys, just wanted to introduce myself and say hi!
    happy Weekend!
  • Thank you!
  • Alexis - You have new comments on your wall - Hope that helps! Best, Al
  • Catherine - Thanks for the pointers! Best, Al
  • Al, I have only recorded one audiobook (The Kama Sutra). I discovered that, unless you are a celebrity, it can be the hardest, lowest paying work in the VO world. I can work on an audiobook for weeks (recording plus extensive editing) to make what I do in 20 minutes on a national commercial. So, for now, I'm not recording any more books. I do know that Stefan Rudnicki is the Los Angeles audiobook king, at http://www.skyboatroad.com/ Maybe contact them to see if they have workshops or referrals for you. Good luck!
  • Mr. Hoover,
    I saw you are a Studio Engineer, can you help me? I don't know what to do with EQ on our Makie Onix 820i mixer, so we just leave it at 0.

    I have read that "a little eq can go along way to make your voice sound better but I there are so many knobs, I don't have any idea if its the mids highs or lows we should adjust and would the settings be different for my voice than my dad's. Thanks
  • Thank you Catherine.
  • Caherine - Do you have a recommendation for audiobook narration in LA? TIA Al
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