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  • Heard about VO Universe at Voice 2008. Glad to meet everyone!

  • So, is everyone at VOICE 2008? I am, and so far it's been fantastic!
  • well, technically, i'm in the City of Burbank, buuuut......

    and michelle, getting us all together sometime sounds terrific! i guess the challenge will be finding a time when we're all free at once...or even a few of us...(and even then just as we're grabbing our car keys probably half of us will get one of those calls with an awesome paying gig "but only if you can turn it around right NOW....." ) Still, I'm in for trying! looks like you were trying to do something on the 30th. did it work out?
  • OK. so I don't live in LA but spend time there (am on my way tomorrow morning) plus..as an LA SAG/AFTRA Member in good standing for 22 years with an 818 cell phone number. I hope I am allowed in:-)
  • Been a little quiet in these parts. How's everyone doing?!?
  • Alright, i'm looking for my local gamers! where are you all!! Video Game voices UNITE!!
  • So, OK I'm from Orange County, close enough right? Great community!
  • Greetings to all my fellow Angelino voice talents, comin' at you from the heart of Studio City. Looking forward to good things from this group.
  • Hi Everyone- sweatin' it out in the Valley (although trying to keep dry today!) So glad to be here with all of you!!!
  • Hey Hey Hey L.A.!!!
    Joined in as Member # 11, my lucky number!
    Hope you're all BOOKING like KA-RAZY!!!...
    See you out there, Mark
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