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  • Hi Christopher, I've been away for a bit. I wonder if LBS Manchester might be any help? Google them for their website URL and contact details. sorry to take so long!
  • Hello all - can anyone recommend an ISDN studio in or around Liverpool? As far away as Manchester would work.

    Many thanks -

  • Welcome William to our little band of voice over peeps. Just keep working diligently on your career and it WILL grow! Feel free to start and join in on any of the discussions!
  • I am not London and home counties but definitely UK based.

    I am looking for my start in the VO business after some encouragement at a video shoot to autocue. I am discovering that there is quite a hill to climb.


  • 'If your voice over can't get to your studio due to the snow, Saffron and I are standing by in our studio with ISDN and Source Connect. Great Rates!' www.neilbentley.com
  • HEY! I'm very excited to be a part of this group...I'm not actually FROM the UK but I have done several "gigs" there and am working on a few personal projects with UK Talent...check out one of them here: Doctor Who Fan Audio Drama

    If anyone is interested in working on their character skills...I'm putting several more of these together soon and would love to work with any of you who might be interested. Obviously since Doctor Who is copyrighted we don't make any money on these but they give us a great opportunity to work on our "character" voice skills.

  • Hey all,
    I recently joined the hoard of Aussie ex-pats in London, and I'll be here for a year or so.

    Stefania was nice enough to invite me to this group. Hope to see you all at some stage!

  • Hi gang!

    If you know of any local v-over opportunities, that the group members might benefit from, feel free to post it on this forum.

    Here's another posting from mandy.com. If you're qualified, or know someone who is.....GO FOR IT! GOOD LUCK!


    Equity. Voice-Over. Starts: October 2009 (1-2 hours)
    Director: Richard. Animated sequences that will form part of a live art event to be piloted in London 2009.
    £150 one-off payment for 1-2 hour recording session.
    Please provide a link to your voice demo or email an mp3, aif or wav file to: rich_squires@yahoo.co.uk
    Please include examples in English and in German.
    * Male / 41-50 yrs / Caucasian
    Male German native speaker aged 35 - 55 wanted to voice character for animation for live art event. Preferably Bavarian accent. To read in both English and German.

    Cheers all...

  • Hello everyone,

    Rajiv from Nottingham here (cloudy, but dry... and sunshine ahead... wake up man, this is England!!).

    Stefania, thanks for the info on the ActorExpo 08 - the first I'd heard of it. After the wonderful time I had at VOICE 2008, I think I might have caught the bug for these actors' schmooze-a-thons, so hope to see some of you there...

    Right now I'm struggling with the concept of 'branding' my voice (are we all a load of bullocks?!), so if you fancy a listen to some of my stuff, I'd appreciate any suggestions on which hole to pigeon me in...;-)

  • It's really important for a couple of reasons...your mind, #1 & breath support, #2...what do you think?
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