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  • Just came across this notice in mandy.com:

    ActorExpo - London Actors' Career Show, Oct 11th

    ActorExpo 08 is London’s premier actors’ festival dedicated to advancing the careers of actors and performers in the UK. It is FREE to attend. ActorExpo 08 is a unique opportunity for actors and performers, to get insider knowledge from experts and to gain essential practical career advice. ActorExpo 08 offers an education programme, keynote speakers, plenty of networking opportunities and brings businesses together to network, connect and grow. Confirmed attendees: The Stage Newspaper | Spotlight | Casting Call Pro | PCR | Actors Studio |
    [view map] http://www.actorexpo.co.uk
  • Morning all!
    How's your day going? What kind of v-o projects have you got on the go? What's the good news!

  • What up to the UK what's good?
  • Hi Mark!

    Join the gang. You're very welcome. I'm so happy that we've got a new v-o star in our group. Feel free to post or add to any discussions!

  • Greetings Stefania! may I come in?
    The door was left ajar so I'm sticking my virtual head round!
    Hi From Leafy Staffordshire.
  • Hi everybody. Welcome to the gang to all the new folk. James I got my hands on a champagne cork this week-end so now I can start diligently doing the cork exercise ! wishing a bright sunny, prosperous productive week to all!

  • Hi all from sunny Wood Green in North London!!

    Hope all's well with you in v/o land, please feel free to check out my stuff and I welcome all thoughts/comments.

    Take care for now. x
  • Hello there. I'm Nicola and I'm new to the universe (that sounds so existential!) and new to the group. Originally from London but I'm a New Yorker now :-) Nice to meet you, fellow ex-pats!
  • Ok! Thanks for that extra bit about going very slowly with cork. I'm off to give it a try!
  • Hey Stefania, the water is the key but when you're sounding a little deeper and rough around the edges (the morning for example or at the onset of or during a cold) the echinacea tea is wheeled out. In that sense you don't get a chance to suffer the side effects.

    As for the cork exercise, remember to start off very slowly and i mean VERY slowly pronouncing all the syllables very distinctly as if you had been put into slow motion and make sure you exaggerate your facial movements as you speak. And yes indeed, it's a great reason to drink wine.

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