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  • Hi James, That cork looks like a great idea. I think I can benefit from that practice. I'm going to see if we've any around the house. If not, I'll have to open a bottle of wine (for professional purposes and the advancement of my vo skills, of course).

    I must try that echinacea tea. I often take echinacea when I feel a cold coming on. I heard you can only have a bit of it, and musn't take it too much on a regular basis.

    But you don't feel any adverse effects from drinking it frequently???


  • Hey Stefania,

    I find that reading Dr Seuss books out loud with a cork planted firmly between my top and bottom front teeth is a great workout. I start off slowly and then speed up. It's a great exercise for the mouth, jaw and clarity of sound. It's really good for those morning sessions when you're still speech clumsy and half asleep but you need to be bright, crisp and cheery.

    As for the drink, it's echinacea (spelling?) tea and lots and lots of water from some hours before the session. During the session i continue with the water only.

  • Hi Christopher, Claire and Michael. Welcome to the group. Feel free to chime in whenever... :D

    Today's questions are:

    1. how do you warm up before beginning a v-over session?

    2. what's your fave drink to keep your throat moist and clickies away while you're working?

  • Hello all -

    Long-time New Yorker (14 years) originally from Liverpool area, Scottish born (Edinburgh). Good to meet you all.

    Cheers -

  • Hi Neil and David,
    Thanks for the joining the group. Feel free to initiate any discussions that you like. I've been off the internet for a bit, but am now BACK! Hooray.

  • Hi Stuart,
    Welcome to the gang! Thanks for joining. If anyone wants to start a discussion, please feel free. And, I'll put on my thinking cap as well.

    Cheers gang. Have a fab, prosperous, happy week
  • Welcome to Julie-Ann, our newest member. Bit by bit the group is growing. Cool! Wishing continued happiness and lots of v-o success to us all...

  • Thanks for joining the group. Checked out your website, it's fabulous.

    Much continued success and happiness to you!
  • Hi Stefania,

    Nice to meet a fellow Brit. I'm not in London anymore but i'll certainly be a part of the group from New York. Thanks for starting it.

  • Hi gang!

    Just started this new group. Don't know where it will go, but let's have fun and keep it a positive, happy journey.

    Please feel to talk about whatever you like. Leads, tips, probs, questions, silly stuff...whatever.

    Is anybody heading for the Anime Expo at the docklands xcel this bank holiday week-end? Hopefully they'll have some great guests like last year, and I can pick up some tips and maybe make a contact or two. That would be great!

    What's happening voice-over wise in your neck of the woods??


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