If you've got questions or comments about tv promos or movie trailers, let's talk! As an experienced voiceover director and coach, I'll give you tools to stay current with industry trends...."to announce or not to announce".
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  • Always impressed with the caliber of professional talent on here willing to help out the newer talent - or, the *stars* of tomorrow. Joyce, I will be taking your next available promo class, based on Nancy Wolfson's recommendation.
  • Hi All-I just uploaded a new BLOG on the Voice For Hire book website abut Breaking Through. I would love your feedback on this!
  • I just booked a podcast promo. Not my normal voice but, I enjoyed it.
  • Hi Joyce.

    Movie promos to me seem to be high profile but small niche of the VO world. Any suggestions on where someone would send a demo for consideration?


    Jim Lueck
    Celebrity Voice Impressionist
  • I can describe Joyce in one word......well, no I can't. She's Supercalifragalisticexpealadocious, awesome, friendly, and knows how to really "get you there". Thank you!

  • Just had my first workshop night with Joyce. I'm in a class where the challenge is great and there are high energy TALENTED others who are going to work. For the first time in a long time my heart was racing..I was sitting there thinking I NEED to be doing this. It makes me happy, thrilled and Joyce allowed me to feel I am capable!
  • didn't .....I meant didn't
  • Ok I did get a real promo for a soap opera....but I did book a sexy somewhat cheezy promo voice for a fictional soap opera in an old fashioned radio play....although it's set in modern times. Passion, Murder, Mystery....This is sheets of Satin.
  • I am hoping to connect soon too and do some training with you. I have heard only positive things.
  • Hi Joyce -

    I'm so glad Amy S. introduced us at VOICE 2008. Am looking forward to doing some coaching with you. My friend Eddie Eagle just sent me his demo that he did under your tutelage... sounds GREAT!

    Linda Bard
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