If you've got questions or comments about tv promos or movie trailers, let's talk! As an experienced voiceover director and coach, I'll give you tools to stay current with industry trends...."to announce or not to announce".
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  • Hi Joyce, it was great to get to know you a bit at VOICE. So glad Amy introduced us! Let's touch base when you come up for air...
  • Hello Joyce,

    I met you at the conference. My wonderful friend and coach Deb Munro introduced us after your session. I am looking forward to learning from you through this group. I also would like to contact you directly for promo training.

    Timothy L. Harris
    "the BIG MAN with a BIG VOICE"
  • Hi Joyce!
    Great idea starting this group!
  • Joyce, So glad to be here with you & fellow promo/trailer VOs!

  • HI Joyce,
    glad to see you started this group. may the voice be with you all today.
  • So nice to see your smiling face on the internet....great start...
    Can't wait to see you soon.

    You guys will love Joyce (for those that don't already know)

    All my best
    Deb Munro
  • Hey Joyce, Thanks for starting this group.
  • It's great to be a part of this group! Looking forward to learning from you all!

  • I couldn't make it to VOICE, so Learn Me!! All I wanna do is promos and trailers. Dat's it, dat's all, nuttin, nathan, nada, nothing else. I must learn...I must learn...I must learn...I mu...
  • Joyce

    You and Gene host such great classes. I look forward to being of this group and learning even more. You are an amazing teacher.

    Wishing you the best always,

    Kurt Kelly
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