If you've got questions or comments about tv promos or movie trailers, let's talk! As an experienced voiceover director and coach, I'll give you tools to stay current with industry trends...."to announce or not to announce".
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  • Hi Joyce,
    Great to find you here. I just joined the "Universe". We'll talk and see each other soon.

    All the best,
    Chris Fries
  • Yahoo! Great to see you in the universe Joice! I've been hoping to have a few questions answered form you. We me at V08 but there just wasn't enough time for questions unfortunately. So I want to do some imaging or promo for some local radio stations but only have a commercial demo. Should I wait until I have a specific demo for them or go ahead and ask if they would accept a commercial demo? How important do you feel it is to have a few courses under the belt before taking on imaging? Or are other general vo courses good enough? Thanks Joice!
  • Does this make me an official Joyce Groupie?

    Great to see you here. There's the best - and then there's Joyce.


  • Joyce-
    Is there a way to get in touch with you? perhaps email? Steve Singer
  • Hi Joyce-

    This is just what I need! Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge. I look forward to learning from you!

  • My dearest Joyce,

    Happy to join the group! Hope all is well, sorry I missed you at Don's service... much going on that night. My best to Gene.


  • Hi, Joyce! Happy to be a member of this august group! Regards, Dennis
  • Hi Joyce, not sure how I missed out on this group but I look forward to being a part of the discussion and soaking up all the advice you and the other members have to offer! Thanks, Gary
  • Wow, have I got questions! About promos mostly.
    What should a great PROMO demo highlight? How long should it be? Should it speak to EAST coast or WEST coast sensibilities or is there a difference? And how much should you rightfully expect to pay to get a GREAT demo produced? Is there a suggegested list of promo producers ? Help!!!
  • Hi Joyce, we met at VOICE, and I handed you my demo. So glad you started this group, it's right up my alley! Love to hear what you think...
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