If you've got questions or comments about tv promos or movie trailers, let's talk! As an experienced voiceover director and coach, I'll give you tools to stay current with industry trends...."to announce or not to announce".
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  • What are some of the basic thing that a person needs to start in  Promos.  Are there any good Promo Workshops on the east coast?
  • so happy this group exists!

  • Hey Joyce, I'm looking for a promo/trailer coach. Would that be you?

    Let me know. Thanks.
  • Mike

    Generally, a demo should be no more than a minute and a half, or as long as your agent wants it. It not the length, it's what you do within the given time. It should be the best of you, the actor, that you can really do. The demo should sell you, not the production of it. Your demo got to grab, rock, slam, or whatever it is for them to want to have a meeting.

    Gene Cordes
  • How long should a promo demo be?
  • Hi Joyce!

    Great to run into you again over at VoiceTrax this past weekend. I will definitely be in touch about guest directing! Best wishes on the next stage of your amazing career in the industry. You are a great lady!

    Take care,
  • Hello Everyone, I am very interested in performing Film Trailers. I Love the art of storytelling and there are few natural sounds as captivating as a women's rich, warm, seductive voice.
  • Howdy Y'All! I just joined, because, I just finished my first demo reel....at 2:30 in the Morning!
    IMHO... It's not to shabby! ...Y'oughta Listen!

  • Joyce, what's your seminar schedule? Did I see somewhere here that you were doing a workshop in January?
    Mike H
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