It's about being real, being believable, acting and creating that great theater of the mind. Tricks of the Trade, Issues and Answers.
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  • Very timely. Thanks J.S. Looking forward to this group. Advice, comments and info shared. (still recovering from that "radio thing")

    Mike Carta
  • Hi JS,
    Thanks for the invitation to join the group. Excellent idea! I've enjoyed reading the comments and the discussions. Always something new to learn, huh? - And practicing what you've already learned especially the things you aren't asked to do as often.

    In addition to the advice and comments I've read, I find that the physicality of the "real person" read is very important to me,too - assuming a relaxed posture whether sitting or standing, feeling loose, working in close to the mic, etc.

    Looking forward to more discussions!
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  • This is a critical area and one which many of us need to re-visit often to make sure we don't fall into bad habits -- such as see the copy read the copy, instead of being the person who's telling it to the person listening.
    Thanks for creating this one, J-S.
  • I knew being a Drama Queen would come in handy... literally!

  • Thanks for the invite JS! Great topic and extremely helpful. Cute dog. Is that how we're supposed to look when we sound serious?
  • I LOVE the dog in the picture! JS, is that your pup!?
  • Hooray! This is something I struggle with as a recovering Radio DJ. Thanks for the tips!
  • Thanks for the invite JS, I learn so much from you. You give me a lot to think about with your comments on the various forums. Cheers! p.s. sweet doggie in the pic!

  • Yet another great idea for a forum! What an honour to be able to hang out with so many folks with such a wellspring of wisdom from which to drink!

    I look forward to when I can actually contribute. Until then, I will keep copious notes and ask questions as they come to me.
  • Whats up Brotha!

    I look forward to the conversation
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