It's about being real, being believable, acting and creating that great theater of the mind. Tricks of the Trade, Issues and Answers.
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  • Thanks for having me! Looks like a lot of great info here...
  • Hi All-I just uploaded a new BLOG on the Voice For Hire book website abut Breaking Through. I would love your feedback on this!
  • It's a bit late, but JS I love your podcasts. I'm learning a lot. Mentioned this in my blog [ :D ].

    Happy hols to all!

  • Keeping it real is a wonderful challenge that you must embrace every time you step up to the mic. I am happy to join in and share. Always ready to learn something new too.
    Randy Thomas
  • Hi everyone! Glad to be part of this group and can't wait to learn and share! Sincerely, Diane Merritt
  • Trying to learn/educate myself as best I can on all things VO.
  • Hi, glad to be a part of this group. I look forward to learning and sharing.
  • Hi, this is going to be a very useful group for me. Coming from a 5 cluster radio group and ripping and reading copy, it's become my habit to read the copy and not act the copy. Any suggestions on getting my head straight before a session would be welcomed. Thanks!
  • it okay to type here??? I'm actually quite real, glasses and cap notwithstanding.
  • This is a very good place for my imagination! I look forward to the discussions.

    Ladie Mo$t...
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