KC has a HUGE pool of VO talent. Here's a group for Cowtown talkers.
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  • Hello all,
    I had hoped to make it to the event last night, but I am swamped with work this week. I am a techie, occasionally designing studios amonst other things. I work for Roberta Solomon and designed her two spaces. I hope to meet more of you in the future! I'll be watching for posts and events.
  • Matt and Debbie - Thanks again for a great evening. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and look forward to doing it again.
  • Any of you from KC (or area) attending VOICE 2010 coming up in June?
  • Karen,

    This is startling news. Richard and I have become friends over the course of the last several months after he extended to me the invitation to attend The Legends monthly gatherings. (Only recently had I decided to stop attending.)
    I certainly hope Richard recovers and is around for many years as his knowledge and experience, along with his kindness would be sorely missed.
    If there is anyone in the Kansas City market who doesn't know the voice of Richard Fatherley, I'd say... "You know his voice, you just didn't know it's Richard Fatherley." Listen to some samples of his work, here:
  • Did you guys see this??? A story in All Access Feb.15, 2010

    Richard Fatherly Beset By Heart Attack
    KANSAS CITY radio legend RICHARD W. FATHERLEY suffered a severe heart attack on Sunday and is in critical condition at the Cardiac ICU at KU MED CENTER, reports BOTTOMLINE.COM. FATHERLEY was a Production Dir. at STORZ's KXOK/ST. LOUIS in the mid-'60s and PD at heritage WHB/KANSAS CITY from 1967 through '69.

    He is also extremely well-known for his voiceover work who can be heard on numerous local and national ad campaigns, as well as the narrator for "The Voice of KANSAS UNIVERSITY" ads that can be heard frequently during KU football and basketball radio broadcasts.
  • Yo Cowtowners!
    One of my New Year's resolutions is to pay more attention to this social media stuff, so here we go. I always dig reading posts by everyone about what there up to and stuff, so I'll pitch in with what's new on the hill in the country. 2010 is starting off to be a rocking year! A narration I recorded aired nationally this month to over 50,000 viewers, an hour long agricultural program called "I am Angus". I narrated a cool sports documentary titled "Boston's Decade of Dominance" for Comcast New England. That is me playing the pirate in the latest Kansas Lottery radio commercial, ARRRGHH and I am the voice of the San Antonio Rodeo TV and radio commercials. I auditioned for a movie trailer yesterday. Some new Twentieth Century Fox film about birds. I told my agent I been givin' people the bird for years, but I don't if that gives me a leg up. Cross your fingers for me on that one. The horses are muddy and the Harley is covered up and plugged into the battery tender, but spring is coming! Hang in there KC! Let's all have a beer soon!
    Rock on!
  • Greetings all,
    Just found the group and am excited to be a member. Thanks Doug.

  • Hi everyone - great to be part of the group!
    I have just moved here from Australia, where I have been working for the last 10 years.
    VERY different scenario there - I get ALL of my work through my agent and go into the studios.
    I am not good with technology and have not had to record at home - this is all very new.
    I am currently in the process of setting up my first basic home studio with the view to upgrade in the future.
    Goals: I travel a lot for work, so the studio needs to be somewhat portable.
    So - I have a MAC and an MBOX 2.
    I was told that the Apogee Mini-Me would be a great pre-amp for my basic set-up whilst satisfying the portability requirements.
    Problem....they seem to be hard to find these days....and I don't want to purchase off eBay.
    Can anyone suggest a good vintage audio dealer where I might be able to pick up a well serviced used unit? Or other suggestions for how to pick one up?
    Or suggest a good alternative with digital output, Phantom Power and XLR connectors.
    The Focusrite ISA ONE was suggested to me - thoughts? A little too big...
    Any advice that would bring me out of the dark would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi all,

    Bob Bergen's Chicago Class, October 3rd and 4th, is sold out. However, there are 2 spots left to audit the workshop at $100 per day, where you will see and hear everything Bob is teaching/directing. Please call or email me if interested! (Scott -- Looking fwd to meeting you!!)

    Also, there are a handful of seats left for Bob's One Man Show at Chicago's IO Improv Theatre Friday night, October 2nd! Get your seats now before it sells out! You can either call the Box Office at 773.880.0199, or buy tickets online at http://chicago.ioimprov.com/io/shows/137 where you can also see a trailer of the show!

    Hope to see you there!!


    Marian Massaro
    Email: marian@marianmassaro.com
  • Hi, Karen,

    Just a quick note to give an update.

    My current 30 second and 60 spots for RecruitMilitary.com have aired in several radio markets including Houston, Boston and Atlanta, and are currently airing in the Phoenix area. Over the course of the next 12 months they will air in 40 other radio markets.
    Over the weekend I voiced a 60 second voicetrack for an online video for a fellow who has come up with a new invention (product), applied for a patent, and plans to market it online.

    Here's to your success.

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