KC has a HUGE pool of VO talent. Here's a group for Cowtown talkers.
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  • Hi everyone...Traci Wilde here, some of you know me, some don't but Karen said to drop by the group so ...PLOP! anyway, I'm in my studio just doing some auditions and thought I'd take a break and check this out. -t
  • Just wanted to say HELLO!!! to everyone and get ready to party on Oct. 11th!!

    WHoo WHOOUP!
  • Welcom Heather and Pamela, glad you dropped by,
  • Hello everyone!

    I'm in Missouri, just not K.C. I hope St. Louis isn't to far away to participate!
  • wow...what a surprise! I used to live in KC it's great to see the city represented here..miss 'dem fountains!
  • It's at my house in Sept or Oct. Bonfire and maybe a hayride if you like. Informal, jeans and whatever. I'll nail down a date and let everyone know. I live just east of the Jackson Co line near I-70. For you Johnson Countyers...I don't want to hear it. I drove to Mission, KS everyday for three years so it REALLY isn't that far.
    Later Jeff and all you Cowtowners (is Hearne Christophor in here? I hope not)
  • Hey everybody, go to the EVENTS section on this site and check out the post about my Dallas blowout weekend Sept 6-7 with MAJOR guest star teachers, expert panel, agents, top working vo talents, recording engineers, publicity expert, film actors, tv sitcom actors, so much more. Plus buffet breakfasts, catered lunches, wine mixer, networking, take-home packet, ONLY 22 ADMITTED! Enroll now. It's filling fast as of today 15 spots remain and I just started advertising it recently! Don't Miss This. A two pay plan lets you enroll for only $295 with bal due of $200 not due until Aug 25 so you can reserve your place. If travelling here on plane, ask my advice to save money. And we'll provide ground transport to and from seminar site and that saves too!
  • You guys are looking for me to set the date HUH? Let's narrow it down to September and we can go from there. We could have a bon fire on my property. I'll get a flyer going in August and I will send it out in an e-mail.

  • Hey Don glad you're here, would love to audition and become part of your talent pool. Give me a call anytime, or just shoot me an email. Hurst can back me up can't you?,,Dan?,, DAN! WAKE UP!.. he's napping I'm sure. When's the party Karen?.. hit me with email anytime folks, radioimage@gmail.com
  • This is SOOO COOL. I'm getting to know some of you who have been in KC and have never recorded in our studio. Here's my background which I shared already with Karen. I have been in KC since '88. I started Airborne Audio (www.airborneaudio.com) that year and have been studio owner/engineer/talent for 20 years next month! A year and a half ago, I went into self-imposed VO bootcamp to really step up the VO work and made huge strides with some excellent coaching/mentoring and a lot of hard work. God has blessed the effort with new VO clients and a spot on the roster of TGMD in L.A as a result of strong Promo/Trailer demos. It was terribly difficult to produce my own demos. I've done demos for SO MANY other people but to do my own and be objective was a challenge. The journey continues and after sinus surgery last month to open some blocked resonance passages. The difference has been dramatic and I feel that the post op voice is taking me to another level. Let's meet up at Karen's this fall (set a date as soon as possible - that way it WILL happen) and I look forward to visiting with you all...
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