KC has a HUGE pool of VO talent. Here's a group for Cowtown talkers.
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  • Hey can I join this group. I live up in Iowa but my son lives in Independence, MO and I spend alot of time down there. I am also the voice for KC Tunes.com. I'd sure be appreciative if I could join in.
  • Oh--PS--visit my group on this site "Bettye Zoller's Voiceover Central" cause the group is really fab and we discuss lots of topics. Also ... meant to say that my personal website is www.voicesvoices.com and my page on this site is another way to say hello and we can get to know one another. Oh I am SO excited to be a member of this group and get info on my beloved KC. I adore the city and miss it so much. It's the greatest place to live!!
  • Hello everybody. I was born and raised in KC. Didn't leave till I was 32 and I've lived and worked in the studios here in Dallas ever since altho I travel the world teaching and also have clients everywhere. I own and am audio engineer in my recording studio here. Love engineering as much as voicing. My KC agent is exposureinc but also think talent unlimited is fab. I have agents in six cities now and one foreign country. I present workshops worldwide but my July 13 day is in Tulsa at Univ. of Tulsa. Hope some of you can attend. See my site www.voicesvoices.com for details. I'm the visiting professor at Tulsa Univ. this year and the workshop is on the campus.
  • Don
    Yeah I need to check out your page. I was on the air in KC of 10 years. Country radio to be exact. When I was bitten by a Wolf...(station flip) I decided to go into Voiceovers full time. I have a studio in my home and I love it. That's my story. Oh by the way. You guys looking for a party. I have a 13 acre spread east of KC (Jackson /Lafayette co line) I would be willing to host a Campfire/cookout/hayride in the fall if anyone is game. I used to do it for my radio station every year and it's a good relaxing time. E-mail me if you guys would be interested. kc@karencarson.net
  • Hi Everybody!
    Sorry Dan, they DID NOT keep the riff-raff out anymore. Someone felt sorry for me and let me in. Karen and Scott - I don't know you yet. Look forward to checking out your pages...
  • where the heck is everyone?,, I know there are more than 6 of us that do voice work in KC. Maybe they have woodburning computers and ran out of wood

    ...well thank goodness we've kept the riff-raff out!!!

  • I'm talking to myself right now,, and wow do I need to work on not sounding like a dweeb. Have a good weekend everyone
  • And you know the thing that irritates me about the KC VO dogs? They're all good. Dang!
  • You ain't kiddin man. There are tons of VO peeps here! We talk to ourselves...and get paid for it. Sweet gig!
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