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  • Do any of you know of any native Irish males in L.A.? It's for an on-going narration project here. They don't necessarily have to be professional voice artists. Please have them contact me here or at cat@catherinecampion.com ASAP!
  • Well, I am honored to be the first female in your group-- thanks for the invite!
  • Ok Eamon.. I know! But can we get some more IRISH voice actors on here? There has to be more than 4 of us in the world! If you have a mate i.e another pro like Liam Quigley or someone like that.. then get them on in here - it can do no harm - the more the merrier. Enda
  • I'm no rogue....I'm respectable you fiend!!

  • Bit of a rogues gallery in here so far.. ! What are we all up for this time?
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