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  • Is a USB interface necessary to hook up a DBX 286A preamp/processor to a PC?

  • Michael Buble has a new Christmas album and I was watching a video on YouTube about the making of one of the songs, his version of Mariah Carey's, "All I Want for Christmas is You".


    At the beginning of the video, there's this great looking microphone that Michael is singing into, and the label on the back was visible.  At first I thought it was a Neumann U47, so I took a screenshot, blew it up, and discovered what it was.


    A Wunder CM7.  Very silky, velvety sound.  Of course, part of it is Michael's voice.  But the mic helps.  Since then, I've seen Tony Bennett use it and some others.


    Be warned.  If you want one it's going to cost you around $6000.00.


    Here's the video of Michael singing into it:



  • Does anyone have any pointer for the avalon vt737sp?


  • ok everyone--redoing my travel rig. wanna get a shotgun (Sennheiser is a little out of price range at the moment)--looking at Rode's NTG2 and NTG3      a huge price diff. between the two...anyone have comments about these. Of course, I'd like to go with the lesser expensive of the two, if I can...for now. thanks, ya'll:)
  • Hi Tom,

    I've never used Cubase and I'm pretty sure you have the manual, but just in case you don't, here's a link to it.

  • Help please!  I have Cubase LE and either I'm really slow or it's a bit difficult to learn.  I have yet to find a video tutorial to help me.  There are other Cubase tutorials but not Cubase LE.  Let's start with record, save file to hard drive, playback, edit, perhaps eq or compression and some lovely normalizing.  Can anyone help?


    Thanks to much.



  • Erick,

    You're welcome, glad I could help!!


  • When it comes to voice-over, how important or what difference would the Dynamic Range of a mic make on the sound quality of the voice?
  • Hey all, I am looking at netbooks for my traveling studio. The newer ones have 260 gigs of HD and I'd like to be able to use a USB CDrom to load some programs on it. I heard from a friend of mine that Windows 7 is causing noise in the audio chain that is recording into the mix. Has anyone else experienced this? I would rather buy an XP based netbook if this is the case.
  • Hi everyone,
    I am still a VO student but a serious enough student to have attended this last Voice 2010 conference. I had the opportunity to sit down and try the audio-technica microphones at the conference. My voice sounded great on the most expensive ribbon mike (of course) but I was pleasantly surprized to find that the 20\20 USB mike they had at about $100.00 sounded better than the mid-priced $500.00 mike, at least to my ear. I currently have a Snowball that I use at home for practice and I have to push harder vocally than I would like. I really liked the 20\20 but I am also hearing good things about the Yeti USB mike made by Blue. They both cost about $100.00 and I am interested in anyones opinion on these mikes for voiceover also in the meantime before I get a new mike is there something I could do with my Snowball? I use audacity and I could swear that at one of the seminars I went to There was some sort of adjustment that was made to the audacity (set it to normal??) when they mentioned using a Snowball with it. Could that perhaps be a way to adjust the lack of sensitivity problem my Snowball has? If you know this adjustment in audacity if you could please give me step by step simple insturctions because I'm a technological idiot! Thanks so much
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