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  • John Weeks,
    You are the Man! I am actually sounding pretty darn good! Thanks a lot. I guess the key is to keep things simple. I can move on to finishing my new demo now. Take care.
  • Thanks John,
    I'm on it! I'll let you know how it goes.
  • Hi Shirazi,
    I would start with getting your levels going into and out of the 528E correct first. Then everything else set flat. Set the compressor at a 2 to 1 ratio with 2 or 3 dB of compression. Then adjust your eq midly to your tastes. You need to make sure your monitoring system is flat (so you're hearing what actually is there). If you need more help, feel free to contact me via private message and I'll be glad to help you with it.
    Good luck,
  • HELP!!! I've just purchased the Shure KSM32 Microphone. I've paired it with the Symetrix 528E voice processor, and I'm running it through my Digital audio Labs DAL CDX-01 sound card interface. I have a very resonant voice. I need any and all suggestions concerning SETTINGS ON MY 528E!
  • Hi all. I'm a newbie here. I am building a computer (PC) and have everything except an audio interface (sound card). I use a MicPort Pro on the road with the laptop, but have gotten complaints of "buzzing" from the sound card. I want to obviously avoid that on the new studio computer. Thanks. Geof Bush
  • Okay a lot of these posts and here is a question...Once some of you seasoned guys answer this..I guess I can post my gear...LOL...
    Say you had $2000to spend at gear chain would you get..I have a RodeNT1A and an Emu1616m soundcard with breakout box into a Intel core2 Duo PC... Come on...go shopping for me..What would you get? Thx in advance...I just see guys saying stay away from tubes and I have always thought of the Aphex230 and the DBX286a...
  • Yep - you're right, it's a PC thing - sorry about that. Well, since I'm a pc guy, if none of the Mac guys chime in before Monday, try giving Jim Swain over at Sweetwater a call (800-222-4700 x1228). He's a sales guy, but he's not pushy and extremely knowledgable about both pc & Mac - and he knows what he's talking about - I've heard it joked that his employee number is a single digit... :-)

    Hopefully he'll be able to help out if no one else is able to. Sorry for not being able to help at all...
  • I'm using a PreSonus Studio Channel, a pre-amp with a compressor and EQ. It has a TRS and an XLR output. The TRS currently goes to the MobilePre. I'll look at that pci card with a pigtail, but that's starting to sound PC to me. I'm using a Mac. Don't understand how I can ignore the USB chain.
  • Gads, you've got me there - I run straight from an MBOX mini2 into USB and it's clear as a bell. But I don't want to steer you down that road as I'd think the MobilePre should be pretty clean to begin with. What pre-amp are you using and what does it have for outputs? You may be able to get away with buying one of the M-Audio pci cards with a pigtail and connect that way, thereby completely ignoring the USB chain.
  • I'm looking to connect my preamp to my computer. Now, I'm using an M-Audio MobilePre USB as a pass through. Thinking I should use a real dedicated USB interface because I'm hoping it will be cleaner.
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