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  • When it rains... it Floods.

    Lost my mic chain and DAW computer to a flood and am waiting for insurance to mail the check.

    I'm looking for High / Medium High end sugestions on Mic chain. Right now I'm looking at either a U87 or 416 for the Mic... and either the vt737 or Liquid Channel for the Pre... Any sugestions?
  • Thanks John will check this out. Todd
  • Hey Todd,
    You need a phone coupler. They are not expensive and it's easy to hook up. I use a Gentner hybrid coupler. You plug your phone line into the coupler, then the phone into the coupler and take the output of the coupler and plug it into your mixer (if you're using a mixer), if not, you can try plugging the output of the coupler into the input of your sound card.
    Good luck!
  • My fellow gearheads,
    I know nothing about hooking up a phone line that I can record thru my system.
    I am taking some E-traing classes on the phone and am looking for a simple way to get the conversation into my computer and thru the software to save for future reference. Any suggestions?
    Thanks Todd
  • I have a Voicemaster Pro on the way. I can't wait to get it. Don't know anything at all about the 376, but I do have a 286a. I just got it yesterday and I absolutely love it. If the 376 is of the same quality, you will definitely like it. The 286 is very very clean. The noise floor is very low, between -66 and -69 and that was with my studio door opened. The pre in the 286 is designed by Bob Orban, if that tells you anything.
  • Alright Gearheads...what's your opinion/experience with either the Focusrite Voicemaster Pro or the DBX 376 tube channel? I've narrowed it down to these two choices for a mic-pre and wanted to get your esteemed fedeback, good, bad or indifferent. Oh, I'd be running a Neumann TLM-193 thru the box.
  • Any opinions on the "Grace M101" ?
  • I'm excited. After a week of waiting I received my Neumann TLM-103 yesterday. Yay eBay! I tried it out last night and I'm very happy. The noise floor is so much quieter than the Marshall V67G I've been using for the last year or so. I'm very pleased with my purchase. The 103 connects to my Mackie 1202-VLZ3, then to my MBox2 Mini to my PC running Pro Tools LE 7.3. I really need to build that sound booth now. The secadas were so loud last night I couldn't record anything for money.
  • My low budget chain: Rode NT-2A, M-Box 2 Mini, Pro-Tools Le on a Dell XP machine.
  • Something I found a few days ago, thought I would share it here:

    It's a stand-alone software that provides a completely modular environment for VST and DirectX plugins & instruments, and can interface with ASIO/MME/DirectX... and MIDI (hi Jason). I'm really starting to like what I'm able to do with it, and it's already surpassed my initial impressions I had from using SpinAudio's "Virtual Mixing Console" BY FAR. I think this matched with a great interface (like an RME) is easily capable of replacing almost any analog mixing setup, and on top of that having the capability to go way farther... without the costs associated with "experimenting" with analog solutions.
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