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  • I don't know if anyone here uses Audition 3 or earlier, since this could be answered by someone using an earlier version,...can someone tell me how I can get Audition3 to recognize my Korg 01/W, so I can use my keyboard and it's sound banks to do my midi work? All I can find are the sound banks/DXI's that come with A3...I've figured out how to import my previous midi sessions done in Cakewalk/Sonar (like 12 years worth...since...DOS 3.0...LOL) yea a while now...I want to start doing all my midi sequencing in Audition 3 however and get away from Sonar. I am a Pro Tools user, but I don't like the way PT does midi. Anyone know how to do this?

    I do have the file with the Korg 01/W instrument Definitions on it, but can't get to where they even ask me for those...Please help

  • I've been using the GML for a few days now and really LOVE it!
    It's very clean and the eq section in the unit is amazing.
    I'm not sending it back. I originally thought I was going to need a compressor, but with this one, I don't think that will be the case!
    Eric: I have no experience with the Joe Meek, but I think Jacob over in Sweden (or is it Denmark) does and he could probably give you some good advice.
  • Any opinions on the Joe Meek 3Q as far as value and over all sound? Yes, I know it is not Avalon.
  • You're welcome Erick! I'm getting a new preamp to try from Mercenary. It should be here tomorrow. They are sending the GML 2032 for me to try. I'll let you guys and gals know how it works out!
  • Good deal Eric!
  • John, I am relatively happy with it. I think I set my expectations too high to begin with, but yes, I am happy with it. All in all the ART V3 is a cheapo that cost me about $70, so adding $50 to it I think I have a sound that is better than a $120 pre-amp.
  • Hi Eric,
    I think you made an investment for the better. A lot less noise and to me it sounds somewhat better as well!
    Are you happy with it?
  • Well, my new Telefunken tube arrived Saturday! I recorded a side by side comparison. The first part of the audio is with the cheapo Chinese tube that came in the pre. I follow that up with the Telefunken tube. I let some dead space roll between the audio, and it is obvious where I pick up the recording with the Telefunken. Here is the sample.

    New Tube Comparison.wav
  • I've dealt with BSW and never had a problem. They've been around for a looonng time. It used to be Broadcast Supply West and now I think it's Broadcast Supply Worldwide. What mic are you going with?
  • Hi Erick,
    There's one on now with a buy it now price of $950. Starting bid is $775 with no bids so far, with close to 3 days left.
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