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  • Hi Jacob,
    Welcome back! Yes, the less stuff in the audio path the better IMO.
    I've made a change as well with the addition of the Neumann U87. I'm still doing some adjusting, but so far I like the sound.
  • Woho, great to see this group is still alive. I've been absent for a while, because I totally lost track of this place, when it began to grow.
    Anyway! I've changed a few things in my chain. Most importantly, I now go straight from my pre to the interface, bypassing the mixer. Wow! Wish I'd done that sooner. The sound clearly opened up. The only drawback is a slight delay, about 24 ms when I'm monitoring, but it's ok.
    Everyone should do this, if they have the option.
  • Erick,
    The Avalon M5 is selling for around $1575.00. I've seen the on Ebay go for around $500 or $600. Remember is just a preamp with no processing. I know Joe Cipriano uses one with either the Urei LA3 or LA4.
  • OK, I took the plunge. I ordered a new tube for the pre. I was arguing with myself about whether to get the Mullard or Telefunken. The guy at the tube place talked me into the Tele. He claims it has cleaner and clearer highs while remaining warm. The Mullard, he says is a bit darker. I guess we will see. It ships tomorrow. Am I nuts for putting a $50 tube in a $70 pre amp? I guess only time will tell.
  • Eric, I think you'll notice a tremendous difference!
  • Thanks John. I am thinking of getting either Telefunken or Mullard 12ax7 to replace the crappy one in my ART pre. The thing sounds great, there is just way to much hiss in it.
  • Erick A: Great idea! Let me know when you set up shop so I can come out and give em' a try!
    By the way, the Avalon M5 is solid state (no tubes). The Avalon 737 is the one with the tube preamp.
    Eric M: Here's a link that should answer your question about the 12ax7 tubes...
    12AX7 Vacuum Tube List
    Homepage for SND Tube Sales
  • Ok, another question...What, if any, is the difference between a 12ax7 and 12ax7a tube? are they interchangeable?
  • Erik, I like your sound. It's clean, punchy and fits your style!
  • I was reading through here and cam up with another question. This one for Mike Carta, of course anyone can answer if you know the piece of equipment. Mike mentioned having a Valley 401. I have one also but have not been able to get a very good sound out of it. It doesn't sound bad, it just doesn't have any life. Any suggestions on settings? I am not a technical dope, I just haven't been able to figure this one out. Maybe it is just an outdated piece of equipment?
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