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  • Just curious, I have some audio that was done using my AT4040 and Tampa pre. I used a slight noise reduction, otherwise no processing at all. To me it sounds harsh. Any suggestions on softening it up?PreAmp Test.mp3
  • Hi James,
    Glad those new tubes are working out for you!
  • Hi Stephanie,
    There's a great deal on the Blue Bluebird mic. I picked up one with the shockmount, pop filter and Blue Blueberry mic cable for $299.00. It sounds great for the money! I have it as a backup to my Telefunken AK-47.
  • Hi all!

    I have invested in Source Connect and have this as an option for sessions from this point on. My network is uber fast and can deliver stunning results. As a INCENTIVE BONUS to welcome new clients I am offering 10 FREE Promo/Trailer reads via my source connect solution. If you'd like to request a session please make contact through I hope we can work together soon!
  • Just installed the new tubes...settled on Electro-Harmonix 12ay7 EH/6072 Vacuum Tubes $16 each..instead of the $225.00 tubes this other site had listed for the one's that came with the unit. I think they sound great! thanks everyone!
  • Hi James,
    New tubes should really improve the sound and a lot cheaper than buying a new unit. Lance and Jacob can probably help you out on what tubes you need to get. It would probably be better to not just replace the "stock" tubes, but put in some better ones. I use Mullards and am happy with the sound.
  • Hello fellas (although I love seeing that there are other women in this group as well!)
    Am shopping for a new mic....need a tight cardiod will go thru M Audio pre-amp then Adobe Audition. I am getting a buzz on mine now (although I still am going to trouble shoot to see where in the line the buzz is far, it's not the cable, unfortunately). Currently use AKG Perception Condensor...I will also use this for singing vocals...tho VO is primary use. And, no, Neumann and Seinheiser (sp?) are not on the list at this stage.....thanks :)
  • I have a TL AUDIO DUAL VALVE MIC PRE-AMP/DI. I'm not getting the sound I used to out of it and since I bought it used, I'm sure the tubes are old. Can it be refurbished, should I replace the tubes, will that help...or would you just buy something new.
  • My equipment chain? Either a Rode NT-2 or Neumann TLM-193 through a Valley 401 out through a Behringer Ultragain Pro (tube) into an Emphirical Labs EL8 (ratio 2.1 or by-pass depending on the project). From the EL8 out to the mixer into the PC's sound card. I'm using the CardD Plus from Creative Labs for a sound card. Adobe AUdition 1.5 or Cool Edit Pro 2.0 for editing.
  • Is there where you sign-up for the 12-step program for gear junkies?
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