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  • Hi Diana,
    I love it..."a fast track whatever it's called". Welcome!
  • Thanks for the group.
    So many much many many many mics...glad to be here.
  • I take that back. I DO use the foam's a great dust cover when the MIC is not in use!

    I have used lots of different mics for V/O and on-air. Another one that likes my voice is the AKG C414. Again, without the dust cover. In radio we used a lot of Shure SM5Bs in the 1980s and they were really smooth and almost indestructable. Now, the station engineers all like those EV RE27N mics, but I hate them. Broadcast engineers typically buy based on specs and price, not by auditioning several models with a variety of voices.

    Studio setup in radio has to allow for a range of voices, so you can imagine the challenge. It is hard enough to get things sounding good with just one person's voice! And the rooms are often less than optimal with lots of hard drive noise, air vents and other issues. I have wound up with some good overall compromises minimizing the noises and maximize the voices. Hard to do though.
  • I agree about the foam cover. I used the TLM 103 for a number of years and never used the foam. My voice tends to sound "muddy" to me and I started using the Telefunken AK 47. It works much better (with my voice) than the 103.
  • I wish I had been more of a collector...I guess I'll go ahead and list some of my current V/O audio chain...I use a Neumann TLM103 with Symetrix 528 Voice Processor. Good sound proofing, but not overkill. I use a pop filter but no foam cover - kills to much high end. Using Adobe Audition 2.0 for recording/editing and have an Orban Optimod PC1100 sound I/O card. For fully-produced materials, I process using a custom sound preset for each project.
  • Hi Keith,
    Ah yes, the's the reason I got interested in radio at the age of 13! All that old stuff that people threw away and now gets big bucks on ebay.
  • OOOHHHH...other audio freaks that love to talk about their equipment! Am I in Heaven?
  • OK, I started this as a discussion and it worked. Plus with the discussion forum you can upload files, so feel free to share a file of your setup.
  • I was wondering the same thing Jacob...Lance glad to see you're back!
    I think I started this the wrong way, I believe I should've started this as a discussion. So I'll do it again that way and see what happens.
  • Hmmm... where did Lance go???
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