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  • Hey back to ya Scott!

  • Cool Gary! I think you'll be happy with the sound of that unit for sure. Let us know how you like it.

  • Mike, John, Scott and guys have really helped, and I was recommended Focurite Scarlett by a Sweetwater rep.  That settles it and I'll report back.  Thanks.

  • Couldn't agree more with what Scott Gentle said. Plugins sound so good now-a-days that it's generally safer to just record clean, then process there afterwards. :)

  • Gary -

    I'm with John (BTW, hey man!) on this one regarding the Focusrite.

    I too have the very same DBX pre (and a Focusrite Voicemaster Pro too), and literally haven't plugged in the DBX in well over 5 years and very likely more.

    I've had the Voicemaster for about as long and it gets an occasional use for a different flavor here and there, but it too has otherwise languished for the bulk of the time I've had it.

    One of the worst things that could happen in a VO person's life is spending a ton of time recording an effected signal you think sounds great, only to have the entire session rejected because the producer felt the quality was sub-par or overprocessed. 

    With that in mind nowadays, unless you're doing a project that really needs the specific sound and dynamics taming properties of a dedicated hardwired compressor or mike strip, your best bet in general VO is to focus on getting the cleanest/quietest/strongest mike signal you can to the hard drive or network feed via a good audio interface, and post-process nondestructively with'll save your bacon a ton of times vs the old way, guaranteed.

    I'm hearing lots of good from Scarlett owners and testers in VO-land, and if memory serves correctly, it comes with some native plugins that are pretty sweet too....pretty great bang for the buck, fairly portable, and if you're savvy with plugins and processing practices, the learning curve for doing things a little differently shouldn't be huge. 

    Let us know what you go with, and good luck!

  • Also Gary, unless you're just wanting to use the DBX for the processing, the Focurite Scarlett preamps might be better than what's in the DBX. Maybe some folks can chime in on this.

  • Gary,

    What Mike said. Just make sure it'll work with your operating system.

  • Gary,

    You can find any number of great ( and also mediocre ) recording interfaces. Almost any will work with a DBX, since it outputs line level. 

    Check out the Focusrite Scarlett series...they're lovely. You can also look at an number of USB interfaces that have 1/4" line level inputs. 

    Good luck,

    Mike B

  • Thanks John, and I'm looking at lots of interfaces on the web.  Can you suggest one that would work with the DBX?  MAudio's?


  • Hi Gary,

    Yes, you'll either need an interface or soundcard. The DBX can't interface into a computer alone.

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