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  • Just finished on my first Home Video spot for "Youth In Revolt!"
    Big thanks to Melanie Thomas for putting me on this. You rock Mel!!
  • Hi Everyone, I'm a Chicagoan and have used my voice for various commercials, promos, kickers, news locally. I would love to take this to another level and am so happy I found this site and page. There are so many wonderful, like-minded people here.
  • Hello, how is everyone... I have been training for Vo off and on since a couple years ago. I am finishing up a demo ( commerical) I do not know where to go for jobs but I am eager to learn as soon as I get a demo in my hands. I live in Virginia. and I want to do characters as well as commericals, I just want to work hard and have fun at my job:)
  • Hey group! Nice to be a part of this:). Allow myself to introduce...myself. I'm Laila Berzins (Lyla, not the Eric Clapton song, haha) and I'm based in CT. I started my VO career and training in 2008. I've only had one gig so far, but I have been getting some great auditions. Where I shine is character voices. I'm trying to figure out which of the two character demo orders I have on my page are most effective..the first, or the original. Feedback is appreciated! Feel free to add me as a friend or drop a line. I love to chat.
  • Hello! I'm working on a new set of demos and I'm wondering which areas of narration I should include for the shorter demo that will appear on my website (2 minutes tops?), as well as the longer version (usually 3 subjects, 5 minutes each).

    I've included one from a classic novel, also a biography, and one that I've heard about but is eluding me is a travelogue. What is that specifically? What do you put on your narration demo? Any suggestions for me for the long and short demos?

  • Hey Fizz, I know this will be a good group for me. In Nov 08, I became disabled and in June 2009 from then I was hooked. If you want to read more about my background it is on my page. I look forward to learning and sharing from this group Blessings:)
  • Happy Holidays Everyone!!!
  • Hello ALL.
    From the looks of the posts here this is a great group for me to be in. Lots of us in what appears to be start up phases of a pro vo career, new studios, businesses, and everything. I hope that I can learn from the experiances of others, and avoid bumping my head to hard to many times. Best wishes to all.
  • Living the Dream, whether I like it or not!

    I'm one of those VO artists that launched their career in 2009 because my FORMER job gave me the opportunity, without notice...:-(
    So much for keeping the day job while I grow my new career!

    After decades of warming the bench, I got my demos, have my studio, and got my first paying gig earlier this month. I'm ready for the call-up to the Big Leagues!

    Let's keep chatting about what works and what doesn't work!

    Onwards and Upwards!

    Bill Sleeper
  • Just got cast in a new Role on a Sci Fi Animation. Check out the teaser! We are starting sometime this month.

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