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  • Hello

    I have a couple of questions, a working VO talent here where I live said “ if you have a coach, they should be getting you work “ I am thinking more or less that is an incorrect statement. Correct or comments?  Second there is a very busy studio here, really they are from the east coast to the west coast, they have an 8 class coaching session with a demo, and I suppose a chance to get on their roster, however I have been warned by folks not to work for them but then on the other side of the coin I keep meeting folks that are working for them and saying you should be with this company. With this company comes some sort of Exclusive contract which I am not sure how that works, but would this be something ya all would do if it was available to you? Thanks for your input.

  • Hello future voice over stars. Just wanted to remind everyone that being part of the voice over industry is a marathon and not a sprint. Steady work on pushing yourself will indeed pay off in the end!

  • My name is Laila Berzins and I am a professional voice over talent and singer based out of New Britain, CT. I started training with Edge Studios in December 2008, and cut my character demo April the following year, also taking classes, webinars, and workshops whenever I could, with amazing people like MJ Lallo, Kevin Delaney, Kristin Price, Noelle Romano, Jay Snyder, Webinars with Bob Bergen and Bill Farmer, and more.


    I had more voice samples and put together more demos, networked networked and oh...networked some more, in any way I could.. 

    I was working in a TERRIBLE health insurance job until May 2011. I then got a brief temp job at Sesame Workshop. After freeing myself from corporate life, I started the work FT. Business has been growing tremendously because I was doing projects PT since 2009, and had been networking at least 8-12 hours a week since I started. 


    I provide dynamic character, commercial, narration, and corporate voice overs from my home studio. My most recent projects have included a radio commercial for Ken Garff Nissan, Edible Arrangements,  E-learning English words and phrases for an American Dictionary, the lead role and several kids voices in an animated educational DVD entitled Milieu from the Bayou, the voice of Eve in the PC game Scourge Outbreak for Tragnarion Studios through Matinee UK, and I’m also on monthly retainer to provide commercial, narration and character spots for seven radio stations in Salt Lake City, UT.


    You can learn more about me by visiting and hear some of my work and my demos there.  My home studio is equipped with a Sterling ST55 Microphone, M-Audio Interface, Logic Express, and a sound treated acoustic booth.


    Still working towards an agent and representation after my new commercial demo in the next month. All pearls of wisdom are appreciated. Sorry for the long comment! Just poured my heart out in a comment:)

    Life is GOOD because if you FOLLOW YOUR PASSION and work HARD you get results!


    I would love to connect. 




    Laila Berzins, happier than I have been in ages.

  • Hey, my name is Patty Mo and I am just breaking into the voice over community... I know that I have what it takes to break in, but my trouble is how to do it.. I have my demo finished, now how do I get it heard in order to find an agent/manager or casting person to choose me?
  • Hi All,


    I have just joined this group because I am a well-established voice actress and am ready to take my career to the next level! Does anyone have ideas for the next steps? (Ie- get an agent, when is the right time to go union, etc)


    I look forward to joining all of you on your journey to "make it big!"

  • Hello All. I'm from Englewood, NJ. I while a started VO work in the late 90's I've been pursuing it more aggressively over the past four years. Currently furthering my training with Edge Studio in NYC in between bartending and loading UPS trucks. Adding me as a friend is welcome. Continued success!!!

  • Hey guys, I am based in Sydney, Australia. Trying to resurrect my voice-over career after some years away from it. I'd love some feedback on my demo (on my profile here) if you get the time! Thanks, Virginia :-)
  • Hello everyone! My name is Danielle!
    I'm currently living in the Los Angeles Area. I started my VO career 6 years ago as a fan of voice over trying my hand at various amateur voice over projects in radioplays and such and then attempting to make it out in the professional VO circuit 2 years ago doing a few independent video games and commercials. I also have been taking several VO Classes and Workshops. I love doing voiceovers and I'm really glad to have come across a group that has people with the same desire for their voiceover craft and dedication!

    Feel free to add me as a friend or drop me a line on my page. I would very much appreciate it!

    Take care and I wish everyone the best with their voiceover careers!:D
  • hey Christine glad you found someone close to home.. so I was told I do not really have a "demo" I have demo spots but not a demo. so now I do not know weather to send them out or wait ahhhhhhh.
  • I have to laugh, I just went a read my original post from Jan 9 and couldn't believe what I wrote. tThe sentence should have read " became disabled in 2009 went to VO workshop in June 2010 and became hooked on VO. I guess I was still adjusting to new meds!LOL

    Since then I took Deb Munro's character workshop and attended MJ's course at VOICE. I am now studying privately close to my hometown weekly. I hope to have a demo possibly by September or sooner.

    Thanks for giving me the time to clarify.

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