FANS of the book, The Art of VoiceActing, by James R, Alburger and friends and graduates of the VoiceActing Academy Workshops - taught by author, James R. Alburger, and his loyal sidekick, Penny Abshire.
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  • Welcome, Lamarr!
  • Hey Penny and Jim!

    Glad to be in the fold! :)

  • Nice to have you with us, Gordo!


  • Hey new friends!
  • I just downloaded "Von Fox's" Album. Wow!!!!! This man can sing. Do yourselves a favor and go to iTunes and at the very least listen to an excerpt. When you do you will definitely want to download the entire album.
  • What took me so long to join this fantastic group!? Thanks for the invite Penny. I look forward to learning from fellow graduates and friends of the AOVA.
  • Penny and Jim! What can I say but FANTASTIC! I am so glad that I went to VOICE. You have created something here that is unstoppable. It is a dynamic, living breating entity of community that will continue to grow beyond anything that you can possibly imaging. Bravo! Brava!
  • Hi all,

    There were actually two Conferences that went on at VOICE 2008 this weekend. The Regular attendees seem very happy and satisfied with what Jim, Penny, Judy, Powers, Denise & co. put together. It was a pleasure to see the smiles and the energy. Plus, the presenters also were very happy with the venue and the execution of the conference.

    The other conference was The "A" teams conference which pushed us all to levels of excellence we all hope to carry into our voice over businesses. Although, judging from the level of talent involved, I think most already do.

    When Voice 2009 is hopefully announced and you are offered the opportunity to be on the Advance team, seriously consider it, as it was a hoot. It just got better and better as we formed a cohesive team with a common goal of making everyone else's experience a memorable one! Who'd a thoguht that would be so much fun for an ol' geezer like me and a few of the other "Sr." members.

    Thank you Jim and Penny for a job well done. Now go sleep for a week! You deserve it!

    Dan Lenard
  • I am sure I speak for all of the attendees of VOICE 2008 when I say YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!! I had such a WONDERFUL time, learned so much that my head ached, and met some wonderful people who have now become my friends. I absolutely LOVED serving on the Professional's panel and had a great time doing that, and hope to be a part of the next VOICE experience.

    Hope you are enjoying some much needed rest and reflecting on a job well done!!!

    Rob Sciglimpaglia
  • Hiya Penny & Jim!!

    Thank you sooooooo much for an absolutely fantastic conference! It has been truly amazing and I will treasure my memories forever.

    Thank you also for sharing with Lofty and me over drinks and strawberries tonight... yummmmmmy!!!

    I thought I'd just drop you a quick line to let you know the universe has delivered exactly what I asked for as well.

    As you know Lofty has been the belle of the ball, and I am so happy for him... he got exactly what he asked for... me??? I was a little unhappy that my sinuses decided to explode at what I considered a very inappropriate moment...

    Here I am at this amazing conference and I can't really start practicing all the valuable information and tools that I'd been learning... so I was feeling a little out of sorts....(definitely not my normal bouncy self)

    Buuuuut..... my mission and goal for this was to
    1 Learn... improve... and...
    2 To find a way to bring back to Australia, vo teaching for my collegues.
    (I am working professional I absolutely love what I do...and make very good money, but I know there's always room for improvement... and I believe other vo's around Australia will also benefit immensely.)

    They are the two goals I had asked God to help me with... and I only just realised they have both happened! doh!

    Penny, you actually offered 3 times before it truly sunk in...YES YES YES!!! We can have a bite sized Voice down under with some incredible presenters including you and Jim! Wow!!! The doors are now open and there's no stopping us now!!

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    Big huuuuugs to you both!

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