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  • Miss. Penny,
    I am so stoked about Voice 2008. I just confirmed my hotel reservations and booked my Amtrak tickets to Union Station.
    I’ll be there Thursday through Monday and I’m excited to be able to attend this year. The wife will be at home holding down the fort so I’ll be flying solo and I’m looking forward to that also.

    7 days
    184 hours
    11093 minutes
    665636 seconds

    But who's counting.

  • The count down is on!!!!! I can't wait to be at Voice 2008!
    Woo hooooooooooo!
  • We have our reservatons for Friday and Saturday nights. We'll drive home Sunday night. See you at VOICE 2008!!
  • I am SO looking forward to seeing you again, Jody! It's been WAY too long! Make sure you find me so I can give you a big hug and also meet your "better half"


  • Hi James,

    Yes we are definitely planning for VOICE 2009. Please don't kick yourself. Hey, your plans were already made. I guarantee you'll have as much fun (or more) at VOICE 2009. We hope to make an announcement shortly after VOICE 2008 raps up. So keep watching for the "bat signal."


  • The closer it comes, the more I am kicking myself for not being able to make VOICE 2008 because of a previously planned trip.
    Any inside info on 2009? :)
    I will NOT miss that one.
    Love the book (and CD's) btw.
  • I'm very much looking forward to the conference! We're coming from Toledo, OH. I am bringing MY better half as well...(he's the brains of the operation, really). We're looking forward to sharing and gaining some good VO gambits. There's a lot of crazy changes in this business lately. I'm curious as to how others are dealing with it. See you all very soon!

    Jody Zink <---fun to browse
  • We are ALL pulling for you, Kiddo! YOU WILL BE THERE! You have to BELIEVE!


  • Our AVOA was and is just so phenomenal. The quality of everyones character is over the top. All of us are going to be successful at what ever we do. Along the road to success a few bumps and potholes get in the way.

    I hit a few potholes and had to cancel my plans to go to Voice2008. I still have an intention to be at Voice2008 and I'm focusing on the what not the how.

    If I could get a favor from all my former class mates to put out some positive energy and thoughts I would be very grateful.

    Love and Blessings
  • Hi Penny,

    Yes, I'll be at VOICE 2008. I look forward to seeing you again on Thursday evening.

    Be well,
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