FANS of the book, The Art of VoiceActing, by James R, Alburger and friends and graduates of the VoiceActing Academy Workshops - taught by author, James R. Alburger, and his loyal sidekick, Penny Abshire.
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  • Jeff,

    You go guy! You can do it!

    You know, my strategy has always been that if I change the color of my hair enough it will keep people guessing and they won't notice the wrinkles on my face so much. I don't know if it actually works, but the thought does give me small amount of hope!
  • I may even have blonde hair...who knows! Right now, I am shooting for another 30 lbs before VOICE, but we will see.
  • Lost 50 lbs and RED hair! Whoo Hoo!!!! I'll bet you look awesome!!!!

    If things continue to progress as they have been, I should be 30 lbs lighter when VOICE 2008 rolls around. As for the hair....who knows what color it will be?!? We'll compare notes.
  • Hi everybody! I am looking forward to seeing everyone at VOICE2008! (I'll be the one that lost 50lbs....and has red hair)
  • Did Bobbin say Party!? This is such a cool place! I'm liking it very much.
  • Penny, this is pretty neat. What a great way to keep contact.

  • Hey Penny,

    I've joined this group too. I will invite the rest of the gang from the '07 workshop. I like the group picture. I would have hated to see the "goofy" picture go to waste. Talk to you soon. -Derek
  • You know, Penny...that guy on the right looks REAAAALLLY suspicious! LOL
  • I'm so excited to see you all joining the group! Welcome!
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