FANS of the book, The Art of VoiceActing, by James R, Alburger and friends and graduates of the VoiceActing Academy Workshops - taught by author, James R. Alburger, and his loyal sidekick, Penny Abshire.
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  • Thanks Penny and Jim for creating an outstanding academy for voice actors!  You are the best voice acting teachers on the planet!  Anyone interested in improving his or her acting skills for the mic should strongly consider becoming a member of VoiceActing Academy.  Jim and Penny offer practical training and advice about all aspects of voice acting.
  • The True Art of Voice Acting: To sound Good when you feel Bad... :-)
  • I will be at the convention in spirit!!!!
  • Hey Jim and Penny,
    Great to have another way to connect. I'm working on this being the year to go FULL TIME VO, and you have been such a help in the journey.

    Have a great one! (and of course, hugs to Penny)

  • Hi, Penny, hi, Jim! Glad to be popping up again. Can't wait to attend and work at VOICE 2010. As you may or may not know, my other great love is radio history. I belong to the Long Island Wireless Historical Society and one of our functions is to celebrate and "broadcast" the inception of commercial radio, whch started right here on Long Island. (You could look it up!) Among our members are a handful of VO people, one of them being a professor at C.W. Post College who teaches a course in Voice Over. The president of our association came to me a few days ago and "booked" me to do a job for our museum. I am to script a narration and record an eight-minute description of how the LORAN system works for navigation, citing its use during WW II and the present. This is to be recorded on a SelfTalker Digital Sound Box. This narration will be used to "teach" people who come to our museum exhibits about another historical use of radio. I guess they needed my authoritative, mature male, instructional voice to drive the message home. The subject need only push a little button beneath the exhibit and listen my dulcet tones. Ah, just one small step for my experience, and one giant leap toward my success! I must say, without equivocation, that it is just great to be a friend of AOVA, and that you two are my American Idols.
  • Hey... isn't this great, I've just started to work through "the book" again and stumbled on this group at the same time :-)
  • Hi Barry

    The 4th edition is set for Nov. 2010!
  • I finally get the part about the "Art" of voice acting - duh! But in all seriousness- fabulous teachings. When does the new edition come out Jim?

    Barry Trussell
  • Jim and Penny;

    Thank you two so much for sharing your extensive knowledge, insight and experience with us mere mortals here in the VO Universe. I had a wonderful time at the Master Class and would highly recommend it to anyone serious about getting into this profession. You guys shared so much information with us, my head is still spinning. Thanks again for all the love!

    Tony Peterson
  • I'm so glad I'm a part of this site and this group. Thanks so much for the Master Class this weekend. It was so wonderful, informative and fun. I look forward to our continued relationship and friendship.
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