Living "abroad"? In this group share your experiences, challenges, and successes in being a foreigner voicing your mother tongue.
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I'm British, living in Istanbul, Turkey, where I started my life as a VO artist...

This group is especially for those who have found a new home country which may or may not share your mother tongue. How has being "the foreigner" affected, assisted, frustrated, motivated, etc... you?

What is your experience of VO in an international market.... all those questions: how, what, why, who, and perhaps which... would love to hear your thoughts.


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  • Hi there, I'm a Brit living in Utah. Primarily here to follow my Profession as a Snowboard Teacher (25 years and counting), I have now returned to V/O and TV Presenting.
    Nice to find some other Ex-pats, looking forward to sharing experiences!
  • I'm British (but born in Brazil!) and worked a lot in France. I must say it is great to see the US open spirit on this site, Peter
  • Well - there you go, now. Things change and the world is certainly getting smaller. When I lived in Taiwan, I did a ton of voice work, BECAUSE I was one of only a few trained English Voice professionals - and of course, they wanted to reach an international clientelle.

    That's the key. Local market will be almost non-existant - but if you can key in on those who are going for a world-wide market - you'll probably get a lot of work.

    Good luck!

    Tito gray - - voice guy - -
  • Thanks Gray. And thanks as well Andy. It's good to know that the situation might differ from location to location.

    I've run into an amateur here who's actually gotten a good bit of work doing audio for websites of Irish companies that target an international clientele. She's kind of fallen into it because she developed a couple of the websites themselves and they asked her to voice the audio for them, despite her lack of training and strong NY accent. Hopefully if she can do this, I can find a way to do something similar.
  • Actually I wish Gray's comments were true for Turkey... here most of the English work seems to go to US accents. This is a surprise and rather curious given that the nearest markets are Europe and the Middle East.

    So far the only accent I've use is my own, for me perhaps there's a niche is being the only native British vo in Istanbul... I therefore need to be the best "me" I can be, when it comes to voicing.
  • Well if you can do a native sounding Irish accent - or even Scottish sometimes, you may be able to get some local work - - but my experience is that very precious few people outside of the US want to hire someone with an American accent.

    There may be the odd job in Europe, once in a great while in England - and once in a blue moon in Australia.

    I do an excellent Brittish accent - and a good OZ accent as well, but once in a while you get tripped up on a simple word that you were not aware of - like "produce" - in the States we pronounce the long "o" - like Pro - duce - but in Briton and Oz - they pronounce it like "prah - duce" - - then they bust you and it can be a bit embarrasing. . . Anyway - probably distributing your demos to the local agencies and production houses - and getting a local agent will be your best bet. . . good luck with that...

    Tito Gray - - voice guy - -
  • Thanks Andy, thanks Gray! How about this for a basic question? How have others found the local market as an American-accented English speaker in another country? I'm wondering whether it might not be harder for me here in Ireland, where the audience is used to, and wants to, hear their own accent, than it would be in a non-English speaking country altogether?
  • Welcome Arlene! I hope you might enliven this group! Not much action on it lately - I've been hoping for a queston or a discussion topic we could all bounce around - but it seems like we're all so dam busy!

    Herb - I think the defining question is - do you speak like a Californian . . . or like you from "Missoura" - - ?


    Tito gray - - voice guy - -
  • Does it count if you're from Missouri and now living and working in California...? I mean--they DO speak differently...
    Oh, well...I just wanted to be apart of your new VO group...
    Great job, Andy...!
  • Welcome, Arlene! You've certainly moved around! Hope all is going well.

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