Living "abroad"? In this group share your experiences, challenges, and successes in being a foreigner voicing your mother tongue.
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I'm British, living in Istanbul, Turkey, where I started my life as a VO artist...

This group is especially for those who have found a new home country which may or may not share your mother tongue. How has being "the foreigner" affected, assisted, frustrated, motivated, etc... you?

What is your experience of VO in an international market.... all those questions: how, what, why, who, and perhaps which... would love to hear your thoughts.


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  • Great to find this group. I'm a new VO, just training. I definitely belong in this group! Born in Jamaica, raised in the States, and now living in Ireland for the past 3 years. Looking forward to hearing from other expat VO's about their experiences.
  • Ni Hao, 你好,Gray

    Thanks for your message,and your phone number idea is so great !
    I've added you as friend and keep in touch

    Nice weekend!
  • Ni Hau -

    Suggest you have one of your people join or Voice 123 so you can get some direct producers who need Chinese or genuine Mandarin accents in English - I noticed that has many producers asking for this - good luck!

    As a voice/producer in Asia - I have found SKYPE and PAYPAL to be my very best friends. With Skype - I can advertise my phone number with a USA area code! That way I can avoid the psychological disadvantage of being outside the US. Many voice seekers would never give me a try if they knew I was in Asia.

    With PayPal, again it just makes things easy! Once my bank account was verified by PayPal - AND I explained to them the type of service I offered - payment has never been easier.

    Gray Gleason - - -
  • Hi, Andy,
    Thanks for creating this group, as we are providing Chinese voice over services mainly to Euro and American market, been based in China, there's time difference , so we have to work a lot overtime, however, it's great to get in touch with a lot clients and get to know our services.

    If you need Chinese Mandarin, Cantonese voice over talents, we would gladly to work with your or help you. Don't forget that we offer Janpanese and Korean talents as well.

    Thank you N' good day!

  • yeah... guess we must be "strange" to have opened our doors walked down the past, got on a plane and found a new world to live in. Perhaps we are the unknown pioneers of new frontiers?

    Still looking out for new members - I've got about a third of the way through the VU list - amazed by what a high proportion are US based....
  • VO people are a strange lot to begin with - - expat VO people are even curiouser!
  • Cool group! I'm living in Tokyo and have been doing VO here for 10+ years. It's an excellent market to work in. 99.9% of my work is local: English education; corporate narration; TV commercials; video games; documentaries; etc. Life is grand!
  • Hey Andy - thanks for the opportunity - right now I'm "balls to the walls" with work (that's a good thing!) so I don't know if I'll be able to be all that active, but please include me in whatever goes on - and I'll get back to you guys as I can.

    I purposely leave the issue of where I live kind of nebulous - because much of my biz comes from the USA - and there is a psychological disadvantage to living ANYWHERE outside the USA when work comes from there. I even maintain a California number that rings my celphone here in the Philippines! I've been living abroad for more than 15 years - you can find out a bit more by going either to - or --

    As a Brit - you may not find this a problem, but my California number has served me well - as I'm constantly being called at 3am from people in New York who think they're calling someone at like Noon in California. Makes for less sleep - but more biz!

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