Living "abroad"? In this group share your experiences, challenges, and successes in being a foreigner voicing your mother tongue.
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I'm British, living in Istanbul, Turkey, where I started my life as a VO artist...

This group is especially for those who have found a new home country which may or may not share your mother tongue. How has being "the foreigner" affected, assisted, frustrated, motivated, etc... you?

What is your experience of VO in an international market.... all those questions: how, what, why, who, and perhaps which... would love to hear your thoughts.


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  • Hi Guys! Nice to meet you all! I have just joined the group!

    I am a Bilingual Voice Over Artist for English and Mandarin, and I have 7 year experiences of professional voice over production of commercials, corporate videos, movie dubbings and documentaries. I am also working as a voice coach at Chinese language TV network in New York.

    But I feel still lots of things to learn, hope to learn more from you guys!

    Here is my website:
  • Hmmmmm I meant to say "... if you're as bad as I am now - - and take classes for a couple of years . . . THEN you could be a millionaire. 


    Hey! I'm a professional writer, here - - -




  • I think if you DO learn basic conversational Chinese  - your stock will go up tremendously - in fact, beyond the "base" which you have established over the last 5 years - My experience is that those who learn and use Mandarin will grow financially, fame in the production community, and marketing wise proportionate to the level you reach - - so if you're as bad as I am - - you could be a millionaire in a couple of years - - - and that's JUST in China - what to speak of your marketing efforts around the world!


    Gong xi Fa Tsai (never was very good at Pin Yin either!)


    Gray - - - 

  • HAHA - fooled another one! Actually my Chinese is awful - one studio I do a lot of work for did all the translation for me. I have been here 5 years and actually you can get by with rudimentary language skills... kind of why I stick to working in the English language environment. But my new years res is full on Chinese classes - I know I have lost work simply because I cannot negotiate/communicate with the non-Englsih speaking crews on some projects...


    Bu 20 years Gary!?!?! You are my hero ;-)

    Gong Xi Ni Fa Cai!

    (Happy New Year!)



  • Well after living for 20 years in Asia - I am envious of ANY foreigner who speaks Mandarin!  Good on ya!  Obviously you write it, too. . . wow! 


    Why I never learned much more than the basics (where's the bathroom?) or, as I like to say "restaurant and taxi" Chinese, is a long story - but being in Taipei most of that time, I didn't need it that much - most of my local friends knew enough English that we could communicate. 


    I would guess that in Mainland China, this is absolutely not the case, and with the small talent pool there (and even smaller among those who CAN speak/read) I'm sure you'll do VERY well, indeed!


    Fei Chang Hau!


    Tito Gray - - voice guy - -

  • I am working on redoing my sites now - a more professional looking one for sure - the one I have is really only for Chinese clients based here and not much worldly appeal. I am going to do a Chinese version one as well - see what happens. The marketing here is strange - almost the opposite of what I am use to in the US (along with the rate ;-)) but seems to be growing...
  • Ni Hau bu hau, Bobbie?


    Chinese would be a good idea - are you volunteering to translate?



    Tito Gray - - voice guy -

  • Welcome Bobby!

    What an interesting website, too - did you think of doing an English and a Chinese version? might be helpful if you are looking for international clients...

  • Cool to find this group! I am based in Beijing, China and I have been living off of VO for the past two years here. Certainly a different world professionally (the rest of the time is a whole other set of chopsticks ;-)

    Even cooler to see others based in Asia! I am now trying to market to the US now and look forward to picking some of your brains...


    Bobby Brill

  • ...I know I'm a little late, but to answer your question, Gray--I speak with the non-accent generic Midwestern 'accent', which is neither Missourian or even St. Louisan...
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