Don really wanted to setup a group on Voiceover Universe. Read his words, watch his videos. Don was incredibly humble, and kind to others. Let's continue to be the best we can to one another.

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  • I am totally honored, as well, to be included in this tribute to "The Don". From that first ride-along in his limo to the last time we shared a hug and few laughs, I will always treasure the advice, knowledge and friendship he shared with me. I miss you, Don.
  • Thank you for allowing me entre into this hallowed arena. Don's reputation among his colleagues was a contributing factor in my choosing this voice acting adventure after retiring from the Navy. I only hope that in the coming years I can earn half the respect that he did. D
  • Incredible...being a small part of the group that honors Don. He really inspired me to stretch myself and to reach for goals I never thought I had any business considering. He critiqued my stuff, with honest feedback (often just the kick in the pants I needed) ...pushed me to try new things, and always encouraged me. He made an incredible impact on my life in the limited time we spoke. I don't want to let him down.
  • Many thanks for the invite. I feel honored to be included and may Don rest in Eternal Peace.
  • Thanks so much for the invitation. It's an honor to celebrate such an amazing man and talent.
  • I'm honored. Thanks for the invite. Don has inspired this character actress to create a promo demo.....It might take me a while but, I've sent my mind to it. Of course the last promo audition I had was for the voice of an elf.....but whatever.
  • This is a truly fine tribute to a special man and an inspiration to so many.
  • Don, I miss you buddy! I know you're still voicing trailers & promos from that big microphone in the sky!! May God bless you and look after your family & loved ones.
  • Rick, Thanks so much for the invitation to this group and for this site you've created for all of us!

    It's so interesting and fitting that this man has had such an affect on us all. Although I never met him and certainly never worked with him, his passing has truly moved me as it has so many others. I have found myself thinking of him and his family often.

    I think much of this feeling of closeness comes from our online community, comradery, and friendship. Never before in this business have so many of us been able to communicate on a daily basis with mentors, peers, and students. We truly feel a part of the big picture, the whole. We're not just voice over artists in one city, small town, or even out in the countryside working from home - a concept unfathomable in this business just a few years ago! Because of the internet, we've been able to join together in this and many other forums to share our knowledge, joys and sorrows. I'm amazed by it and truly grateful for it every day.

    Because we all have such access to our peers as well as those we aspire to emulate, it seems that anything is possible. Our dreams are within reach.

    Thank you to Don for his generosity of spirit and candor in sharing his knowledge, experience, and humor. We are grateful for his monolithic talent and soul.

    May we all infuse every project we work on completely with our own talent, spirit, and humor in his honor and in ours.
  • Rick ...

    You are indeed a good man Charlie Brown!!!! I'm most proud of all the group's on VO Universe to be a member of this special gathering!!!

    On a personal note, when I arrived for representation at TGMD, I had met Don in the lobby of the agency. From there, we kept in touch and he was such a great human being and especially caring ... he gave me terrific (and honest!) feedback on my demos at the time which can now be heard on voice bank (commercial as well as trailer). A family man first, Don is deeply missed not only in the world of VO, but missed in general ...

    Keep The Faith!

    David Marc

    TGMD, Los Angeles
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