Don really wanted to setup a group on Voiceover Universe. Read his words, watch his videos. Don was incredibly humble, and kind to others. Let's continue to be the best we can to one another.

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  • Rick,
    Thanks for the invitation. It's a true honor!
  • A pleasure and an honor to be invited to this wonderful group.
    All good thoughts and wishes. Cynthia
  • One of my wishes from the outset of my voice career was to one day meet the great Don Lafontaine. Since I can remember, his voice has been as much a part of popular culture as anything or anyone.

    Sadly, the dream of meeting Don never came true for me. But from the sentiments expressed in this forum and in others, I am certain that if the opportunity to meet him and (hopefully) start a conversation, I am quite confident that I would have come away from it feeling I had been in the presence of someone who truly cared.

    He knew the weight of words. He turned expression of thoughts and ideas into an art form. He made the experience of a night out at the movies something worth getting excited about while at the same time, inspiring legions of up-and-coming voice actors to trust in their own uniqueness.

    I wish you well, Don. May your life's journey continue to inspire us in our lives as performers and as caring, compassionate human beings.

    Glenn Howard
  • Truly an inspiration, example and benchmark for the best of the best!!! An Icon who raised the bar for all of us and set an example of giving, sharing and kindness. Don, thanks for setting the mark.....
  • Be like kind to others.
  • Rick,
    How fabulous was that Don? We can learn so much from him and hope to sound half as good as he did in all venues. Thanks for what you have done to show him off at his best which was all of the time. Carol M. Hahn
  • Rick,
    You are a godsend. you appeared at the perfect time to create a community that has been able to come together in embrace for one man whom we all loved deeply.
    Even folks who never met Don, feel that he touched them in a deep, almost visceral way. I am so proud to be a part of this community, a community that cares about each other and our elders. Take good care of the elders, because one day we will be the elders. Oh, OK, some of us sooner than others..I'm just sayin "Thanks!"
    love and light,
  • Thank you so much Rick....this is great!
  • I was speaking at an anime convention this past weekend, and was surprised how often Don's name was mentioned by the fans. I believe it shows how far reaching his legacy truly is- he touched us all in one way or another. When one fan asked the men on the panel if any of them would be 'trying to follow in his footsteps' I stepped in first to say, "There will never be another Don LaFontaine. Period." Realizing I had been too harsh in my response, I backpedalled a bit..."I met Don LaFontaine only one time, but through the internet and Voice Over Universe, it was easy to feel that he was my friend." Don has more friends than anyone I know. Thank you for continuing the celebration of his life Rick, and providing a place for all his friends to come together.
  • Thnx Rick !

    Now, the Celebration of Life will go on & on...
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