Don really wanted to setup a group on Voiceover Universe. Read his words, watch his videos. Don was incredibly humble, and kind to others. Let's continue to be the best we can to one another.

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  • Thnx Rick !

    Now, the Celebration of Life will go on & on...
  • Thank you Rick for giving us a "place of our own"! And for starting a group for Don, he's probably chuckling right now. Don will always be an inspiration and benchmark for all in this business.
  • Rick,
    This is just super! Thanks for the invite and thanks for keeping Dons wonderful legacy alive!
  • It is amazes he at how eager Don was to give advice to others (whom he'd never met before). It seems that he was all about the uplift.

    And to you Rick, thanks for this site. It really inspires people like myself who have a LOVE for this "art" known as voice acting, but don't know how -and- where to start. This site really places all of us thisclose to the supreme talent of this industry.

    May Don forever rest in peace.

  • Rick Thank U for the Incredible opportunity you afford us here on VU as we are inspired to be vital in our endeavoring to be the best in this wonderful profession of professions! U Rock the Mic! DonOvon.
  • Dearest Brother Don, You are now above looking down at us and you feel the joy we share from having your talents grace our ears every time you stepped in the booth and left us jewels to inspire us to be legendary not just good! Heres to YOU and your greatness continues...Love, your Brother DonOvon
  • Hi Rick,
    The following are the kind words that Don so graciously sent to me. I was looking forward to meeting him one day but feel blessed to have conversed with him through this site. Thanks Rick!!!

    Denise -

    Thanks for the welcome. I listened to your demos - nice work. Good variety, and a believable delivery. You should do just fine. Keep in touch.

    Don LaFontaine
  • Don gave me encouraging words that helped fuel me for my SNL audition, I feel his resonance in the air!

    "Terrific impressions. You should be getting good responses from the industry. It's encouraging to know there is young talent like yours ready to step out on the big stage.

    How old are you, anyway? 9? 12?"
  • Rick, You don't know how much you are helping all of us with your VU creation. Thanks a $million$ !
  • Thank you Rick...

    as we continue to celebrate the legacy of Don's life.

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