Don really wanted to setup a group on Voiceover Universe. Read his words, watch his videos. Don was incredibly humble, and kind to others. Let's continue to be the best we can to one another.

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  • Happy Holidays Everyone!!!
  • In a time... Long ago... On a 15k phone-line... I had the pleasure of recording Don... 5 times!

    I was reading the news in Hong Kong when I got the news of his passing.

    It now seems more of an honour than a pleasure to have worked with him.

    Here's to Don. A true ground-breaking talent and a gentleman.
  • See that 7th video from above...seeing that on the first time was THE day that I found out I have a god given voice. Thank you Don.
  • Not sure if there's a group for the fundraiser Joe had, so I thought I'd just post it here. It was wonderful and quite classy! My take: Don LaFonatine Garden Party
  • I was jazzed to be the VO guy for the VO GUY on the GEICO spot!
  • I think he would have been prefect for the new Dos Equis spots! The moment I saw them I thought... THIS IS PERFECT for Don!
  • If Don were alive today, I think he would be doing the "Dos Equis" spots! I had the pleasure of meeting Don at Voice 2007. I could have listened to his stories all night. I thought he was the most interesting man in the world!
  • I had the pleasure of meeting Don La Fontaine at Joan Baker's Voice-over Seminar in New York. We sat on the panel together. An incredibly nice, warm man. He gave me his phone number but unfortunately, I never got to use it. However, it came along with his signature, so along with the photo of the two of us, his autograph will be framed as a momento of the undisputed "King of VoiceOvers."
  • I know it's been a while now...But a day hasn't past that I haven't thought of what a great influence and inspiration Don was and is to me. Greatly missed is an understatement.
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