A just-for-fun group for former radio announcers that have made the transition to full-time VO, leaving their DJ days behind. What we miss (and what we don't) about being on the air, and working in radio in general. Share your stories!
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  • Anybody still got their (what was it called) Engineer's license to be able to run the transmitter equipment? 1st Tag? Is that what it was? Going back to the late 70's for that one!!!

  • I started radio on a control board just like the one in your info pic. It must have been out of date for a good 10 years before I got to it, but it made for some humorous moments for sure! I am still working on losing that "radio sound" any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • as far as the coffee for overnighters..I've done that shift and can tell you that unless i made it..it wasn't there! It's a totally weird shift too..amazing how many people call you at that hour and tell you exactly what they are or were doing!
    Moving from Overnights ot Afternoons and eventually Middays because of my kids school hours..I learned to drink coffee all day long! And Diane with your .42 cents in your 401K..hey..I worked for Clear Channel..I gave up! LOL
  • Thanks for the invite! Seems like lots of radio folks are looking to make the move to VO - and not everyone can do it successfully. I'd love to hear from those who have made the transition successfully. How did you do it? What specific techniques or training helped you to lose the "radio sound?" If you're still struggling with this, what are your main issues or challenges? As a VO coach, I may be able to help. I'll be including a section on this in the Fourth Edition of "The Art of Voice Acting," scheduled for publication in Nov. 2010.

    Stay in Character.

    James R. Alburger
  • Hi David,
    That is a very common dream. It also doesn't matter where you are performing. Stage actors have that nightmare of the curtain going up and not knowing the lines. Film actors have it as the director yells rolling and they don't know what there suppose to do. Ironically, the people who have this dream the most are the ones that worry the most about being prepared. It stems from the fear of not being prepared. I don't haven't had that dream in a long time but, for 3 years I left show biz to pursue my massage career. I actually had the stage dream when I was worried about a bone test. The fear was the same fear even though the circumstances had changed.
  • I'm Still in the radio biz.. help me get out!!!! LOL More great stories to come.."Stand By"
  • Once during a bull session with other former DJ's, we discovered that we all had recurring radio dreams. My recurring dream is that I'm thrown on the air for my 1st shift at a new afternoon drive gig, the labels on everything are incorrect or unreadable, the computer's got the "blue screen of death", and every movement on the board requires at least 2 switches or patches. *lol* My wife's dream is that she gets locked out of the control room accidentally. It reminds me that radio was really a pretty stressful gig with a deadline of some sort every few minutes, and if you fell behind it quickly became like a factory assembly line that backed up on you. But oh man how I loved it. Anyway, does anyone else have any recurring radio dreams? (ones that can be discussed in polite company, that is) *LOL*
  • "So cool it's Hot" that's a great line Mr Stickam
  • Only if your there Mr. Stickcam......
  • I've only been a karaoke DJ....but I sold commercials spots at a Radio way long ago
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