A just-for-fun group for former radio announcers that have made the transition to full-time VO, leaving their DJ days behind. What we miss (and what we don't) about being on the air, and working in radio in general. Share your stories!
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  • wow that live cam just scared me I didn't expect it
  • Hey Dish!

    Thanks for inviting me to this group of lovlies, however, I've never been a DJ. I now feel special, loved and appreciated. Thanks for bringin me along for the ride.

  • Zurek, I remember that! LOL That was called creative access skillz.
  • Speaking of prize closet, that's how got my job home in Chicago in 1992. The 6-10pm jock did a mission impossible move through the ceiling to get to the promotions dept after hours. Duh!
  • David...about your previous coffee comment. If you worked the late shift it was more like liquid brownies, wasn't it!?
  • I miss the times when you'd find the prize closet unlocked! LOL
  • The thing I miss about Radio is the music, excitement of the community and just having fun doing what I loved doing. I definitely don't miss the snack money that came on the pay checks...LOL
  • So my 401 K for the station I USED to work for has a total of .41 cents in it. They remind me of this quarterly. Which costs them .42 cents to mail. Yes, you guessed it - Cumulus. "It's Radio" ;o)
  • David, you mentioned freaky phone-jammers and calls. If I'd had the presence of mind I'd have taped ALL the calls and archived the best ones. I guy could have mined that resource for a long time and gotten a book or many news articles out of 'em.
  • The most important issue was not the stations 401K plan, but, "does the station have coffee available for the jocks 24/7"? I do have my priorities.
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