A just-for-fun group for former radio announcers that have made the transition to full-time VO, leaving their DJ days behind. What we miss (and what we don't) about being on the air, and working in radio in general. Share your stories!
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  • LOL :) I think all of us do that!!! I am the hostess that always hit the post-ess!!!
  • Yes, it's true. I hang my head in shame as I stand before this group and confess that I still "test" myself at times when I hear a song over the speaker system in Wal-Mart,....":16 intro with a fast fade at 3:55!!!!!!!!!",...I sometimes frighten the workers in the electronics department. (I think it's my slack-jawed drooling near the Little River Band's Greatest Hits CD.) Please! Someone stop me before I try to talk up the intro of Reminiscing!!
  • Karen,
    Don't do it - Resist the urge!!
    It can start out as what seems to be a little harmless imaging, but it can soon get out of hand....
    Next thing you know, you won't be able to concentrate without your imaging fix. But soon, that won't be enough.
    Next, you'll start taking graveyard shifts, and then snorting nights.
    Finally, you'll know you've hit rock bottom when you just can't manage without mainlining breakfast every day.

    Be strong, Karen.
    Don't re-enter that den of iniquity.
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  • So is this where we step up and admit our radio addiction and promise to leave it behind? Well I think I have. I had a fun 10 year run in Kansas City right out of college and now I've been doing this VO thing for almost 2 full time. In the last few weeks I've seen a lot of my friends get blown out of the biz of radio just because the Companys can't seem to manage themselves well enough. It's a true shame that the FUN has been taken out of radio.

    However I feel very lucky to have expanded my VO career and I truley love my job everyday! The Fun is BACK for me!

    I have been sober for 22 months and I feel fine. Except you have to do a little IMAGING once in a while. Am I relapsing?


  • I still can!!!!!! So Cal at it's best
    I work PT for KOLA 99.9 San Bernardino
  • I bet we could each write a book about some of the phreeky request-line phonejammers!
  • Amen David!! LOL :)
  • So many sad stories how radio isn't what it used to be. Although I'm still in radio, the life of the party is lost.
  • Greetings~

    Radio began for me in 1973. Alma Maters include: WMOD-FM D.C., WASH-FM, D.C., WAVA-FM D.C., WXTR-FM D.C., WWDC-AM D.C.,
    KIMN AM & FM Denver, KLTR-FM Houston, WCLR-FM Chicago, WBOS-FM Boston....

    Any alums?? I miss those days......what a time!

    Best wishes

  • New to the group, since 1998 to the radio. Only a decade and I feel like I've seen it all. Enough to change my directives, anyway. After being a small town hero back in Indiana, moving on up to Sacramento and imaging 3 stations while being an active host on-air, at remotes, etc... it's not rocket science I was bound to burn out. In the meanwhile, I THOUGHT I knew what voice acting was (only from the radio perspective, unfortunately) and began my journey. April 2007 brought me to a new coast and a new role: Producing the station imaging for over 50 in The States from a high-end facility in Raleigh, NC. From this less-stressful (no, seriously) gig, I'm out of the parts of radio I don't like, around much more like-minded peeps, and able to expand my knowledge and practice in vo. Since taking on my first clients to breaking into new genres, it's been a great couple of years. Lots of growth and lots of great new inspiring friends!! Thanks all you!!
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