A just-for-fun group for former radio announcers that have made the transition to full-time VO, leaving their DJ days behind. What we miss (and what we don't) about being on the air, and working in radio in general. Share your stories!
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  • Ok well I guess I have been in and out of recovery for,.... hmmmmm .....several years. I still work PT for KOLA 99.9 San Bernardino, Ca but after being let go from my dream afternoon drive in a small market (after 3+ years there) I decided it was high time I put my talent where it should be. The business has changed way too much and I like to be appreciated for my efforts, not challenged by Sales people, Smug GSM's, and GM's that only care about their success and not the success of the team efforts.
    I am a professional in every sense of the word and will recover very soon I am sure. :)
    I Love this recovery stuff I feel better already.
  • If I'm STILL in recovery...I'm hopeless. I was fortunate to be in radio late 50s through 1973...including Storz WQAM and Detroit's WKNR. Lots since..yet I still have that "dream"...I'm at the console...record's ending and there are no carts or 45s ready & I'm alone with a 77D mic. Actually, it reflects my initiation into my first day at WQAM in 1962. Whole staff left for a Flagler street event &
    I was accapella. The station was still using Shafer automation equipment (left over from an experiment in 1961) although manually. All the spots etc. were on a bank of Ampexes. A sreak of lightning hit the McAllister hotel..sent the Ampexes into rewind ON AIR..& there I was. Phones were working...so I took
    calls for about 10 minutes 'till someone came up & alerted the chief engineer.
    True baptism under fire.
  • Hey! Philip Gibbons here, been in radio since the age of 15, and still in radio!
    I just turned 50 and have been pursuing v/o vigorously for almost 10 years! My biggest challenge in v/o has been losing the "radio voice" and becoming more natural with my reads. The pic of the studio above is very similar to the stduio
    I worked in for several years! Radio was really fun "back then" before conolidation and consultants changed it forever! Not saying all consultants are bad but what's good for L.A. is not necessarrily what will work in a smaller market. Anyway, as much as I love radio, my passion for v/o is much greater!
    It's really what I want to do the rest of my life! If that's your dream then I advise you to make as many good contacts within the industry as possible and don't give up or give in! Keep at it!
  • Hello All! I am Diane Merritt, retired 30 year radio vet now F/T VO Artist and loving it. Although I am thankful of all the experiences and people I've worked with in Radio, I haven't looked back and rather be in my OWN studio! Glad to be in this group.
  • Hello All!!
    Ok, well I'm not in recovery, I'm still in radio.
    I have enjoyed reading some of your stories... and well, I am in transition into this VO world! Very exciting I must say.
    I'm still detaching from my "radio voice" to sounding natural with scripts. It hasn't been too hard and I'm having fun just playing with different attitudes in scripts.


  • Jamee, love that call in! That's priceless.
    I have tons of airchecks from the late 80's and 90s, all on cassette. I'll post some of them once I can transfer them to MP3.

    I had a great call in for a request just the other day. It went something like this:

    Ally: All Request Lunch Hour, what do you want to hear?
    Male Listener: Feelin On Yo Booty by R Kelly
    Ally: Great!! What lucky gal do you want to send that out to?
    Male Listener: NO gal. I want to shout that out to my boyfriend.
    Ally: Uh Uh..... Ok, you go that way. That's ok.. Here's your request.
    (insert song)

    I turned all shades of red after that call. It was the quickest on-air request you would ever hear. Next time, I'll never refer a dedication by gender.
  • Hi All! I'm still a little too close to the world of radio to make good comments, but thanks all for sharing yours. I love listenting to old airchecks so keep 'em coming!
    J. Keebler
  • I will pull out some of my old arichecks. from WRIF Dteroit, KMET, KMPC_FM and The Wave-Los Angeles. I will find a way to post a montage.
  • i do but am pretty sure no one wants to hear them.....i was on in market 247! hahaha
  • Anyone else have any old airchecks?
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