A just-for-fun group for former radio announcers that have made the transition to full-time VO, leaving their DJ days behind. What we miss (and what we don't) about being on the air, and working in radio in general. Share your stories!
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  • Joe Cipriano:..That video aircheck you posted is 90's HOT!!! Love the look!!

    Yeah the shirt was a little uncomfortable, and the hair... well... um... yeah
  • I got my start at KZTR FM (96ZTR) in Ventura, CA, in 1987. I them went to AFAN104.5 on the Armed Forces Radio Network in McMurdo, Antarctica. I do miss it!
  • Hi, I'm Chuck and I'm a recently recovering DJ...(Hi Chuck!) Up until Jan I had been doing radio almost everyday for the last 23 years! (the last 2 1/2 years here in DFW) I still host a Nationally Syndicated Countdown Show so I still get my weekly fix, and hopefully some VO gigs will start working my way and give me that satisfaction that only sitting behind a mic or a snickers bar can give you!

    I think one of my favorite "OPPS!" moments in radio came one time when I was working an overnight gig a little station in some podunk town in Arkansas, It was my first night on the station and my pd/morning guy made a point of telling me to make sure I got the paper when it was delivered to the station and had it in the studio for him when he got there in the morning. So sure enough the paper comes, I've got a 5 minute song on to give me plenty of time to go get it and get back before I have to talk into my break. I go to the door, put the pebble in place to keep the door from closing all the way just like the pd showed me (as the new guy I wasn't allowed to have keys), and went outside to grab the paper...the door shuts and locks!!!! I panic, run all around the outside of the building looking for and entry way...all that's going thru my mind is..."time is running out, I'm going to have dead air, they're going to can my @$$ on my very first day!" I found a tool shed unlocked in the back of the building...inside was a pick axe that I was able to use the blunt edge of to pry the back double door open (surprisingly without breaking the lock) and got back to my studio with less than 30 secs to spare. After that, I brought a brick to block open the front door!
  • What a great idea!
  • Rick Party... Joe was the voice of HOT 105 in Miami when I was there in 1992.

    LOL...Rick, as you know...that was pretty much the FIRST radio station (after KIIS in LA) that I did voice imaging for. Back then I recorded my tracks to DAT and Fed Ex'd the DAT overnight to HOT 105. I actually visited the station once when I was on vacay in Miamay.

    P.S. That video aircheck you posted is 90's HOT!!! Love the look!!
  • Trish,

    Thank you for the invite to this group. And Randy, I love your story. Thanks for that.

    Be well,

    This domain may be for sale!
  • Can you tell by the photo I'm a recovering DJ?
    Time for an updated mugshot! I'm so happy to be doing VO full time but grateful for my roots in bilingual radio in San Juan, Puerto Rico and for the10 years I spent spinning CD's here in CT. I learned a lot but I'm so glad to have my radio days behind me. VO is exciting, challenging and fulfilling. Plus, I get to meet great folks on sites like this one. Trish, this was a great idea:)

  • Trish,

    What a wonderful idea. I must admit, I paused when I first read the subject line. Thought it was an AA get together. Nonetheless, I too have so much to thank radio for over my 37 years in broadcasting and happy I am out and in the VO field full time for the past several years.

    More later...heading out to a birthday party. Can't be late.

  • My radio career began at 19 in the Motor City. Sadly the b/w pic above is the exact same board I used at WWWW (W-4) on Jefferson Avenue downtown Detroit. From there I moved on to WRIF and then 95.5 WPLJ in New York.
    It seemed my destiny would take me from one great station to another. I spent ten years in S. Fla at Zeta 4, WAXY 106 and WSHE.

    Then to Los Angeles, where I was one of the last jocks hired on the legendary rock station, KMET, before we were all dismissed in January of 1987, making way for 94.7 the Wave. One of my favorite stations ever, was KMPC FM whch later became, KEDG "The Edge" at 101.9 with JJ Jackson, Jim Ladd, Rachael Donahue and other great talents.

    Ironically, my last air shift was in 1993, as the Morning Show Host on KTWV The Wave. After three years of getting up at 4am to do mornings on the Wave, I won the audition to become the first woman in history, to announce the Academy Awards. Shortly after the show in March 1993 I was fired. At first I was devastated. Then, I realized the Universe was showing me a new path to travel. Becomming a voice over artist has been an amazing journey for me.

    Because I will forever be a radio geek, I could not stay away from radio . I knew I would never really walk away from broadcasting. I decided that instead of letting radio "suits" control of my destiny... I choose to have many stations employ me, and so when one goes away my life is not changed. I simply see it as having a new market that just opened up!

    Thanks Trish for starting this blog!! I will now look for one of my old photos from back in the day. Meanwhile I do have a TV spot That I did back in 1980 in Maimi at WAXY 106 Oldies Radio. http://youtube.com/watch?v=c6Jya04dnn4
  • Oh Yeah...That old B+W picture is the BEST!!!
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