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  • Hello in voiceover universerse, I just made this 30 second spot and would like a little feed back on it. The client really liked it, but would like others to hear and let me know what they think. Thanks and have a great week!!





  • Hello VoiceOver Universe family. I hope that you all enjoy your weekend. I'm asking for a little feed back about my demo, mainly because so far, the work that I've done as a professonal (i use that term loosely) hasn't been worthy of being used in my demo. So instead, I've gone to sites like EdgeStudio.com, and I've used some of the 3,500 scripts that they have on their site. I've been told that casting directors are getting used to hearing demos with copy off of that site. So I was wondering what the pros at VU had to say about it. Any feed back helps.

    Thanks E.J.



  • A first hello.  VU is full of treasures!  Why ever did I not find this group before?  Feedback is so crucial.  Hope I can offer as much as I may receive.  Working in UK, I have learned to look to the other side of the pond for sharing, inspiration and jobs which fortunately are coming in.   So far, I have six  demos on Voices.com, and two here on VU, plus a dreadful on-hold automaton nearer home that I prefer not to think about!   Howard.
  • Tobias, my friend!

    Progress on the demo front! Still like your pipes--I think you have a potentially very marketable instrument, but there are issues that I think could be resolved by some coaching and/or a meetup/workout group for working professional voice talent in your area. If you can't find one (and there are some affiliated with 123), you might want to start one. I've been doing this for over 30 years, and I'm still getting good info, criticism, suggestions, marketing tips, and other insights at a group I check in with every couple of weeks. We've explored different topics like what is a "cool" read, or a GenX or Y sound; how is a documentary read affected by visuals--slower pace? less inflection/emotion? flatter (and what does that mean?); in person demo critiques by our peers as well as visiting producers--what's strong, what's weak, what's missing, what's too long, etc.; the difference between natural/conversational and what I call "natural-esque".

    Regarding your new demos, I think they're a little "over the top", kind of milking the emotion & drama a bit too much. Part of this stems from them being too slowly paced, part from breaking them up too much into small phrases--each given equal weight and emphasis--so that there isn't enough sense of flow and continuity. It ain't all drama! Sometimes there's just exposition and narrative--stuff you (in your narrator voice) may have attitude toward, but often you just want to get through. Variations in tempo, rhythm, emphasis (both what you choose to emphasize and how you do so, and what you're willing to "throw away") will keep it more consistently interesting than constantly trying to be dramatic and important throughout. Listen to some of the examples Bo Weaver offers in his recent post. Check out the weekly voice-over script contest offered by Edge Studios to give yourself some variety of material and feedback--also check out some of the evaluative and coaching services they offer.

    Keep plugging away, dude. I truly believe you've got what it takes, but you need a lot of practice and feedback on that practice.

    Good luck!

  • Ok. have two new demos up, partly from projects I'm currently in production on and partly not, feedback? Yes I know the voice 123 one is cheesy, but It's straight reading and I don't have many of those lying around, everything I do seems to have sfx and music. :)
  • Hi, I'm new to the site and living out in Utah, I'm starved of any feedback. If anyone gets a chance could you have a listen to the Compilation Demo on my page please? I seem to be having a lot more success with the Corporate end of things and not much anywhere else, am I wasting my time trying to diversify?

  • Hey everyone, I just added my narration demo, please take a listen in give me your feedback, thank you in advance.
    Tom Weiland's Page
    Tom Weiland's Page on Voiceover Universe
  • Hi guys if i wanted to have my demo critiqued how do i load it onto this site? I am a newbie so please let me hod everyone's hand .....and Thanks in advance!
  • Finally, a demo with NO FAKING. All actual production. Take a listen (on my profile page) and give honest feedback.
  • Hello fellow VO Talent. I would kindly appreciaite your input regarding my Demo and if you have any suggestions that my assist during auditions. Based upon my current Demo, do you think I should consider animation or other related vo work?

    Thanks very much,

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