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  • Hi group. I have a dillema. Two character voice over demos with different order and some variation in selection. I'm getting varying responses on the one I thought was the best, so I would really appreciate feedback on my character demo vs. alternate character demo on my page. Which is most marketable? Thanks so much, L
  • Hi Virginia.

    Your demo rocks. It's obviously real-world work that's slickly produced and performed. I didn't listen to the singing stuff because I'm really not qualified to comment on it.
  • Hi everyone! Happy New Year!

    I'm new to VU and would REALLY appreciate some critiques of my demos (voice-over and singing). Just go to my home page and have a listen. Be as free with your comments as you think necessary. I'm not precious and I'm here to learn. Thanks!
  • Wishing all my VU Critics & Friends...a Healthy, Prosperous & Blessed MMX!

    If you're a friend I haven't met yet...come on over!

    BTW...I have a new Demo Reel y'oughta check it out!
  • Hi! New promo demo up - love to hear what you think. It's long - I'll be cutting it down - so don't worry about that.
  • Nikki_Scott_-_NARR_-_SHORT_-_102109.mp3Hi I just finished my first narration demo and would love some feedback. If you have a second please listen and share your feedback.

  • Just signed up recently. Would like some feedback on my demo. I am Australian, so you'll just have to accept the accent :-)

    Please hit my home page and let me know what you think.

    Cheers, Bruce
  • OK, I just have to be thick skinned....please listen to my 2 demos, and give me straight forward, and honest opinion. No sugar coating - I can take it.

    Thanks so much for your critiques
  • Hello everyone. When you have a chance please go to my page and take a listen to my 2 demos. Any and all feedback is much appreciated. hooray....it is almost Friday.
  • I'm a newbee to the VO world and VO Universe. Yes I have 2 produced demos; but what I feel would be most helpful is a critque by my peers of selected auditions I am sending out.

    Is that something that I can do in this group? I'd be looking for suggestions on followup coaching etc., as needed

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